Not for those who want to follow a workout plan without thinking for themselves…

Fast Track Your Training Progress,
Work with Less Effort,
plus Get and Stay Pain-Free
Using the 4 Levels of Intuitive Training

Whoa! What just happened?

I nailed a 505 lb. deadlift at a bodyweight of 185 lbs. Sure, I was excited that I had achieved the goal I had been working towards over the past year. But that wasn’t the part that I was flabbergasted about…

What had happened was when I stepped into the gym that day, I heard an internal voice say “You can break 500 lbs. today.”

I heard that. And I felt that it was true…but I didn’t believe it, at least not at first.

So, I started testing the deadlift movement as I’d had been doing for over a year now. It tested great. I went up and up with weight. All good. And finally, sure enough, I achieved my goal. It wasn’t the easiest pull ever but I did it and deadlifted more than I ever had before, accomplishing what was a huge goal for me.

About a month later it occurred again with a different exercise. When I stepped into the gym I heard the voice say “You can bend a Grade 8 bolt today.” Guess what? I did just that and achieved another big goal I had.

But I’m getting ahead of myself as this is the most advanced level of Intuitive Training. Let’s back up…

Breakthrough System Allows You to “Listen to Your Body” Quickly and Easily

You’ve probably heard that statement before. You need to “listen to your body.” Lots of people say it. Everyone agrees with it. But what does it really mean?

Your body doesn’t literally talk to you…at least in the beginning. Hearing voices like I just described is a rare thing and still that’s only part of the forth level.

Instead, mostly the body sends various signals. Unfortunately, these signals are like another language until you learn how to translate them.

Listening to your body is all about learning the language of the body, to interpret your bio-feedback communication.

When you do, something amazing happens…You can get better results in the gym, while actually working with less effort, and keep yourself injury free.

Let’s face it…

If You’re Hurting Yourself in Your Workouts…You Are Doing It WRONG!

A contact sport like football may be a different matter. After all, you can only do so much about outside collisions.

But lifting weights, doing bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, etc. should NOT be causing you pain. You shouldn’t be pulling muscles, tearing tendons or anything inside your workouts.  

Forget the stupid saying, “No Pain, No Gain”.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have lots of gains without pain. And it is possible…

This false idea all stems from how we look at the body and movement in the first place. You can look at it as a stupid lump of clay that needs to be whipped and molded into shape. You can look at it as lazy flesh that wants to be a couch potato, that must instead be commanded by willpower.

Doing this actually SHUTS DOWN your bio-feedback signals.

Or, you can choose the other path and…

Work With Your Body as an Ally

To me, this is what Intuitive Training is all about.

Sure, you can FORCE your body to become stronger, better conditioned, and more fit. Or you can work WITH it, without needing force, and achieve the same goals.

When you are aligned with your body, everything you do in the gym comes easier.

The body actually wants to move. The body wants to be fit. The body loves to be pain free.

Sadly, few people know how to ally themselves with their body because it is not taught. Instead we’re taught to give away our responsibility to coaches and personal trainers.

I can point you in the general direction, but I can’t tell you what your body truly needs. Only your body can.

But, and this is a big BUT, there is one thing that most people don’t realize…

You MUST Train Your Intuition Properly to Become an Intuitive Trainer…

Otherwise you’re just hallucinating!

Here’s the truth. You’re only getting better in tune with your body if you’re paying attention to it. So many people go through the motions, even of a great training plan, without building internal awareness.

“You must develop your own instincts just as you develop your muscles and learn to listen to them. Sure, you have to train hard, but it won’t do that much good unless you also train smart.” -Joe Weider

Thirty years of training won’t necessarily make you an intuitive trainer…unless you pay attention. Even if it does, 30 years, even just one decade, is a long time to wait.

What if I promised the ability to feel what is best for you body within just one year?

And not listening to it, comes with peril. My friend was doing gymnastics. His body was yelling at him that he shouldn’t be doing this one move, but he decided to be tough instead (after all it’s all about being mentally tough for training success, right?)

He went all out on the move and blew out his knee tearing his ACL, MCL, LCL and Quadricep all at once.

Wouldn’t you like to have more clear signals so you can avoid those situations? I sure do.

A Systematic Progressive Approach to Biofeedback

Level 1 – Beginner

Level 2 – Testing

Level 3 – Feeling

Level 4 – Knowing

There are ways to jump levels but it’s fastest if you go from one to the next.

People start with Level 1, which is basically non-existent. The good news is your results will already start to improve as soon as you step up to Level 2 and you can do that as soon as you discover how.

And if you pay attention, with this fast track system, within one year’s time you may find yourself at Level 4, but certainly at least Level 3.

It’s all in how and what you pay attention to.

There are tons and tons of ways of physical training. I don’t care if you lift barbells, dumbbells, do bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, grip strength, gymnastics, running, strongman or anything else. Regardless of how you train one of the most valuable tools is following your body’s own biofeedback if you use it properly.

This is to be added to everything else that you do to make it even more effective.

How I Got Started with Biofeedback Testing

I was training the “regular” way and making decent progress. Then I heard about this thing called Gym Movement. Here they were making big promises of never hurting yourself and making perpetual progress with every single workout, allowing you to make faster and faster gains. Quite simply I had to check it out and I’m glad I did.

I flew out to Minnesota to study and shelled out a few thousand dollars to work with Frankie Faires and Adam Glass the creators of this system. And I got started testing my exercises.

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy for me. A few people seem to get right into it. Others never seem to get the hang, and give up on it and say it doesn’t work. But with the tips and methods I came up with you can ensure quick success in getting the hang of testing and seeing how easy it can come.

Inside Beyond Biofeedback, I spend lots of time showing you everything you need to know, including what worked best for me and my clients. But this is only Level 2…

When Testing Becomes Obsolete!

At a certain point, I recognized that I knew how something would test before I tested it. The test is merely one movement, of which you can do lots of them, and use it as a measuring stick.

By recognizing this, I was able to leap to Level 3 which is testing without testing. The truth is I  never do a range of motion test anymore because I don’t need to. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped listening to my body. Far from it. I’m just better skilled at it now.

I show you what you need to do to move beyond testing…into feeling. This step is where the testing becomes internalized.

Level 4 is another leap above that where you know what will test well and what you can achieve even before you try anything. You may not hear a voice like I did, but once again, that is only one part.

These further levels only came about after spending thousands more dollars and years studying under “Doc” John La Tourrette, a 10th degree Black Belt, NLP Trainer, master energy trainer so I could go deeper on why it worked, how it worked and how to make it even better.

The One Skill You Must Have…A Foundation for Movement…for Life

Whether you are new to biofeedback training or a seasoned veteran you will learn how to move to the next level.

When you learn how to follow your body’s biofeedback, when you learn how to become an intuitive trainer, you not only make faster progress, you get better in tune with your body which allows you to do much more.

This skill-set becomes internalized. It becomes a part of you. One that you will have for the entire rest of your life. And it will serve you throughout that time. Isn’t it worth learning?

This is some of my best information. Biofeedback training has never been described elsewhere in all these steps. In total I spent over $5000 getting the knowledge necessary to put this into practice and experiment with it.

Yet in this 2-hour video course complete with a manual you can get the Fast Track to success. (The manual has been newly updated in 2017 with even more detail!)

The regular price is $197. But today you can get instant access to the downloads for just $99.

You have (and continue to) inspire and assist me with my goals…With all your great knowledge one thing that has helped me most (I think) is your biofeedback …it has taken the stress out of my routines and I see progressions in all forms even if they involve “regressions” to easier exercises, volume, isometrics or rest.
– PJ in the UK

Beyond Biofeedback Course
Beyond Biofeedback: The 4 Levels of Intuitive Training
2 Downloadable Videos and PDF Manual

Only $99

100% 3-month Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel like this ebook and videos are worth every penny you can get a full refund no questions asked. Just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. The truth is if for some reason this course doesn’t dramatically help you to get more fit and better in touch with your body I don’t want your money and will happily give it back.

Here’s more details of what you’ll find inside…

  • Understand how the body is intelligent and possesses its own wisdom…if you’re willing to tap into it and listen
  • Why Testing Works (plus how to make it work even better)
  • How long does it take to get results with testing?
  • Your Primary Representation System and how that effects your intuition
  • Why being Kinesthetic Helps…but can also Hurt
  • Why rank beginners might be better off than seasoned trainers! As Yoda says, “You must unlearn what you have learned”
  • A simply biofeedback test many Olympic Athletes use to know if they’re working too much
  • Joe Weider’s Instinctive Training Principle
  • Training Smart vs. Training Hard
  • What is the “Psychic Barometer”?
  • How biofeedback training builds your awareness
  • What you can learn about Physiology from a Split Personality Disorder
  • How secondary gains can stop this from working
  • What Hunches are and how they can serve you in training
  • 5 Levels of Competence, including the ‘hidden’ level most people aren’t aware of that explains why the top performers aren’t necessarily the best teachers
  • What are biofeedback signals?
  • Why a beginner can’t train by feel
  • The problems with applied kinesiology when it comes to gym testing
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • How range of motion = strength when it comes to testing
  • The importance of the Point of Tension, as opposed to a flexibility test
  • 5 key points for an accurate test
  • Getting a baseline, measurement
  • Differences with testing via the movement pattern, exercises, unloaded vs loaded and ballistics
  • Where your mind should be during the test? Two viable options plus a demonstration in how what you Anger in a Relationship can destroy accuracy
  • Various strength methods you can use.
  • A simple method to ensure accuracy and speed up awareness gains
  • Four qualities of Positive Feeling Movements, and Five Negative Qualities
  • The Ladder-Step Method of Moving to Level 3…with Backup from Level 2
  • The Ladder-Step Method of Moving to Level 4…with Backup from Level 3
  • Key differences between gross movement patterns vs. smaller movements
  • The four things that inform Level 4
  • Utilizing old workout logs for pattern recognition
  • Knowing vs. informed guessing
  • How long should you be at each level?
  • Using Biofeedback for Strength Exercises
  • Using Biofeedback for Flexibility Exercises
  • Using Biofeedback for Mobility Exercises
  • Using Biofeedback for Conditioning Exercises
  • Using Biofeedback for Competition
  • The 3 times I have injured myself in training over 8 years, and lessons learned from it

Not just Theory…A Live Workout so You See Everything Demonstrated

I don’t know about you, but I learn best by DOING. Since I can’t be there with you to train you hands-on, the next best thing is to show you everything with a real live demonstration of a workout.

You’ll get to see the Testing done with each exercise, hear my commentaries about the Feeling and Knowing as well. Finer details are revealed including:

  • The “Double Up Method” for Beginners that Ensures you’re doing it Right
  • How to Break Down Any Movement Piece by Piece which Gives Better Results
  • How to Make Faster Progress using Component and Opposite Movements
  • The Four Pieces of the Specificity Ladder
  • Testing and Feeling to know Proper Rest Times
  • Why you want both Higher Volume and Higher Intensity Workouts on Different Days
  • How to Test One Exercise at a Time or Multiple
  • Why Rows are a Great Frequent Exercise for Most People
  • How to Know When You should Stop Your Workout
  • Why Symmetrical Number of Reps on Right and Left Sides isn’t Necessarily Best
  • Using the Same Weight for an Exercise vs. Going Up in Weight
  • What is Excessive Tension and Why to Stop at it?
  • Using Cables to Train Many Pressing Angles
  • The Benefits of Creating a List of Exercises/Variations instead of a Workout Plan
  • The Value of Specifically Testing Exercises that Won’t Test Well
  • The Finer Points of Testing for Optimal Body Position
  • And Much More

This isn’t a fancy video production, but real, raw video shot in my garage gym and in front of a white board. If you need fancy Hollywood graphics go elsewhere. If you need real actionable and potentially life-changing information come on in…

The regular price is $197. But today you can get instant access to the downloads for just $99.

Beyond Biofeedback Course

Beyond Biofeedback: The 4 Levels of Intuitive Training
2 Downloadable Videos and PDF Manual

Only $99

100% 3-month Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel like this ebook and videos are worth every penny you can get a full refund no questions asked. Just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. The truth is if for some reason this course doesn’t dramatically help you to get more fit and better in touch with your body, I don’t want your money and will happily give it back.