Single Snatch Set of PRs

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When you have a goal, you generally cannot pursue it in a straight line. If it’s a big goal, it’ll need to be aimed at through several paths. This is true in training as well as much else.

One of the ways that I’m pursuing my beast snatch test goal, is through different versions of snatching the beast.

The amount of reps in 10 minutes is the most direct route.

But some of my other approaches include:

  • More volume – going beyond 10 minutes
  • Timed sets – most amount of reps in time frames less than 10 minutes
  • Single set with multiple hand switches – How many reps can be done in a single set? From the beginning, I’ve thought if I could do 40 like this, that I’d be able to achieve the 100 in 10 minutes.
  • Single set with single hand – How many reps can be done with one hand in a single set?
  • And it’s that last one that I have a new video to share, with recent PR’s on both sides.


Here, you can see I hit 15 reps with my left hand and 18 reps with the right. This was not done with a hand switch, but with a break between them.

Of course, there are many other more indirect ways I’m working towards my goal. Using the 60kg, 40kg and 32kg for snatches and also high pulls.  And then even more indirect exercises like squats, rows and presses.

If you’d like to go deeper into kettlebell, check out the Beginner and Next Level Kettlebell Training Workshop Videos I did along with Forest Vance.

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