Full Range Handstand Pushup with 30 lb. Weight Vest

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My first time ever doing a full range handstand pushup with a weight vest on. Here it was loaded up with 30 lbs.

As you can see I barely made it through the sticking point, but I did make it so I’m quite happy with this new PR.

As I’ve been working more with full range handstand pushups lately I’m learning there are a number of body position modifications that can make the exercise easier or harder…even without a weight vest involved.

That same case is true with non-full-range handstand pushups too. Changing how you position your arms, legs, head, etc. all change the difficulty for a variety of reasons.

I’m very pleased with this PR as long ago when I first got into bodyweight training it was about a six-month struggle to get my first handstand pushup rep, just touching my head to the ground.

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