135 lb. Barbell Getup

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This is my personal best in the barbell getup. My goal was to get one wheel (45 lb. plate) on each side and I did it here.

After doing this I was wondering what the record in this move was and came across this video.

This is James Gardner doing a World Record for the I.A.W.A in the UK. It’s the heaviest recorded lift with 75.5kg or 166.1 lbs.

Not too far off! I also did the added step of getting back down, not just up.

But this is as far as I want to go with this moveā€¦at least for now. I’m switching gears and now moving towards the bodyweight bent press that I want to hit.

More on this type of training can be found inside Deceptive Strength.


  1. You cerntainly have mastered that get up logan. Impressive, not only getup but back down and without spotters . Wonder what the record is for that! You may hold it .

  2. Sir that is really Badass, I need to do the getup more often. Thank You for the motivational facts. Yours in health,,, Owen

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