How I Went from Weak as a Kitten to Super Strong Deadlifting 505 lbs., Freestanding Standing Handstand Pushups, Juggling a 40 kg Kettlebells, Crazy Feats of Strength and More,
All While Staying Lean and Relatively Small


My newest book is your roadmap to do the same.

I’m naturally lean. But I’m not naturally strong. It’s how I train that keeps me getting stronger without adding more size to my frame.

For years people have been asking me how I do all that I do so I sat down to write this book to cover everything that I do.

No one wants to look like the bloated bodybuilders of today. Let’s face it, you’d have to be a little bit crazy to want that. Unfortunately, for the average person that’s what they associate with strength. Big muscles. But that’s not the truth…

The size of your muscles is just one factor in how strong you are, and its not even the most important factor

When it comes to Strength there are 5 Factors More Important than Muscle Size

Just look at almost all of the oldtime strongmen. Sure there were a few giants like Cyr but the majority of them were not. With their clothes you wouldn’t necessarily assume you’re standing next to the strongest people on the planet with guys like Saxon, Maxick, Klein or Zass.

It was the Mighty Atom that originally inspired me. At about 140 lbs. he certainly wasn’t the most imposing figure. But what he could do was almost unbelievable.

So their training methods became mine…along with the recent and most advanced information I could fine. The best of the ancient and the new all put together.

Become Freakishly Strong without Looking Like a Freak

This book gives you everything I could possibly tell you to help you become stronger without packing on size. In it I deliver 25 Deceptive Strength Key Concepts that will give you this exact result.

Here’s just some of what you’ll find inside:

  • Are you up for the Warren Lincoln Travis Challenge? (pg 8)
  • How the Average Perception of Strength is Completely WRONG (pg 11)
  • 9 Attributes of Athleticism and How to Train them All (pg 14)
  • Why Most People are Focusing on the WRONG thing…These 4 Areas are More Important than Muscle (pg 14)
  • How Pat Povilaitis survived a trap capable of snapping femur bones, without a scratch (pg 15)
  • The 3 Body Types and How to Train with Your Genetics and Against them (pg 16)
  • Lack this Critical Factor and You Won’t Get Anywhere (pg 20)
  • The Only 3 Key Factors of Progressive Strength Training You MUST Know (pg 22)
  • How to Reverse Engineer what Makes People Big…and Do the Opposite (pg 23)
  • Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s Favorite Thing and Why It Can’t Be Yours (pg 24)
  • How to Trigger Two Types of Hypertrophy (pg 26)
  • The #1 Focus of Your Training for Strength without Size (pg 27)
  • How _____ and _____ Trump Muscle Mass for More Strength (pg 28)
  • Overtraining is Good for You?!? (pg 30)
  • Avoiding Bodybuilding Splits (pg 31)
  • The Magic of Body Signaling (pg 34)
  • Increasing the Quality of Your Foods with these Experiments (pg 38)
  • Drinks to Avoid and Drinks to Take (pg 39)
  • Tips on Nutrient Timing (pg 40)
  • A More Natural Method of Eating that Also Frees Your Time and Life (pg 41)
  • Strip Away Excess Weight by Doing These (pg 43)
  • My Value System as it relates to Health and Strength (pg 44)
  • Outside the Box Exercise Selection (pg 52)
  • What Skill-Strength is and How to Use it (pg 53)
  • Follow these 2 Rules of Thumb for Your Regular Training (pg 54)
  • How One Hand Trumps Two with This Tool (pg 85)
  • Make Sure to Use These 3 Training Methods for Huge Jumps in Strength (pg 99)
  • Why Leverage Tools are Your New Best Friend [including my New Favorite Lift] (pg 117)
  • The Often Neglected but Critical Part of Your Body to Train for Super Strength (pg 125)

In addition you’ll find…

50 Exercises and 20 Workouts

There’s also one section in this book that is a bit of a bonus. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself you need to read this.

3 Huge Factors in Becoming One of the World’s Strongest Men

Note: Some may feel like they’re cheating when they do these but they’re 100% legal and ethical. It’s some cool stuff I’ve never heard other people speak about…

This book totals over 140 pages.

1. I love this book because it confirmed and reinforced many concepts I either new or had an “innate” understanding, especially what I know best, Olympic Weightlifting and its support exercises. Also, I like your approach in just about all aspects of health and strength…clear, solid reasoning & logic, and “conservative” based on science.

2. The results I’ve seen from applying this information are since last winter, November 2016, I have used the workout/exercise design 5 sets of 5 reps with usually a warm-up of 1 set of 10 reps, depending on the exercise. The results are something to appreciate…my strength has never been better and increasing, thus far.

3. You have such a eclectic approach to your physical and mental disciplines, which I appreciate and like the systems-thinking method so keep that going. I see you as an “evolved” or updated Bob Hoffman from the Strength & Health days from York, Pennsylvania. Not sure that any of the above helps, however, keep-up the great content and keep-on improving in all aspects of your life.
– Ed Gomes

BIG Bonus Package

But that’s not all. I’m throwing in a bunch of bonuses worth far more than the book itself. These are all available for digital download immediately after purchase.

Bonus #1 – 14 Deadlift Variations and How to Do Them Video (A $39 Value)

14 Deadlifts Video

This 41 minute video covers technical detail on how to do 14 different variations of the deadlift, one of the best Deceptive Strength exercises. In addition you’ll learn how I use variation to push up my Max Deadlift even higher.

Bonus #2 – The Shovel Lift in Depth Video (A $19 Value)

Shovel Lift

The Shovel Lift is my new favorite lift that I first learned from Steve Justa. Learn all about how to use a barbell in this highly unconventional way to build crazy arm, abdominal and back strength. Lots of variations and every detail is covered.

Bonus #3 – How to Become a Physical Culture Renaissance Man eBook (A $19 Value)


This short ebook covers all the details on how I train with so many different tools and methods and have had good success in them all. It’s a great companion to Deceptive Strength.

All the bonuses come in digital format regardless of whether you buy the physical or ebook version of Deceptive Strength today.

Learn the secrets of becoming deceptively strong starting today. Grab my newest book and get all these valuable bonuses along with it.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

I enjoyed reading Deceptive Strength and found it to be very informative. I didn’t realize that there were layers to strength besides muscle. After reading through it, I realized that tendon, ligament, and bone strength was more of a contributing factor to being strong. I incorporate bridges a lot into my routine after going through your book, and I notice the difference in my health!
– Michael Zeng

I love this book because it opened me up to new concepts that made a load of sense.
-Larry Simpkins

It made me believe and that I am not going to be stopped by what I think is my genetic limits. That was something I needed confirmed. And you lived by that example help me see that. Using this book I have been able to keep my programming easy and smart, hitting new deadlift PR’s and I also see the value of more other qualities than strength only.
– Dani Vister Grube

It’s easy to read as it doesn’t go into minute detail like so many books these days do. So easy to understand and lots of good ideas to help expand on what I’m doing, although I’m still trying to focus on health as I build up to more exercise. I’m using a kettlebell now, but I want to add bodyweight, bridges and leverage and deadlift and muscle control exercises in the future thanks to your enthusiasm on these subjects. Overall an excellent book that was inspirational as well as informational.
– Glenn Leadbetter

The book gives a great overview of how you train to achieve what you can do. I really like the way you go about training
and i have a similar background (not naturally athletic or strong and ‘hard gainer’) and goals (becoming much stronger than I look).
So this book is very useful to me.  I think it is a great value and probably the place to start for people wanting to learn from you.
– Willem-Jan Wollants

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