What Hypnosis in Training Looks Like

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This is what hypnosis in training looks like from the outside. Of course, the most important part of using hypnosis is what is going on inside your mind-body, but that I can’t “show” you.

Most often, when I use hypnosis in training it is self-hypnosis where I am guiding myself through it. But in this case, I’m listening to a pre-recorded hypnotic track. (Since I recorded it, I guess it still counts as self-hypnosis.)

This track is the Strength Gains Hypnotic Maximizer. It’s one of 15 different tracks you can find here. Only the last couple minutes of it is shown in this video.

This is the third in a series on mental training where I wanted to give you a glimpse of what actually doing mental training during a workout looks like.

If you missed the earlier posts you can find them here.

In this video, I was doing a full range handstand pushup while wearing a 30 lb. weight vest. I’d previously hit a single in doing this, but with the help of hypnosis, I managed a double here. I’ll take every PR I can get.

A great place to get started in knowing more about hypnosis and how you can begin to use it yourself is found in Mental Muscle.

And if you want it all done for you that’s what these pre-recorded hypnotic tracks are for. Lots of people are getting great results with them…will you too?

Lastly, if you want more of the physical basics of handstand pushups my popular book The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups is a great place to start.

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