What Visualization in Training Looks Like

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This is what visualization in training looks like from the outside. I can’t show you what it’s like inside my head.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how I learn best by doing. Short of that, seeing someone else actually doing sets that in motion (and likely triggers mirror neurons according to neuroscience).

Mental training is a tough topic in that in doing it you have to bring awareness to things in you mind that you tend not to be aware of.

So I thought this would help.

In this video, I set an all-time intensity PR for the barbell getup on my left hand. My previous best was 115 lbs. Here I managed 120 lbs, in part thanks to visualization.

Observe. I stand ready near the barbell. I close my eyes. I spend a few seconds visualizing.

I make a step forward and then spend a few more seconds visualizing.

The specific form of my visualization here is the Advanced Instant Exercise Enhancer (where the step forward is a step forward in time). Although this visualization takes in total less than half a minute, it can be immensely powerful.

Does visualization work? Absolutely…and it can be made more powerful than most people recognize with the right techniques far beyond just realistically imagining things.

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