Basics of How Internal Visualization Works

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Our senses are used externally. And notice it’s also called, “Representations,” right?  RE – PRESENTING.  This is how we represent things within our mind.  So even if you close your eyes, you’re shutting off your external visual sense, but by visualizing something internally, you’re seeing that on your internal screen, your movie screen of your mind.

Does anyone here believe they don’t visualize?  Ok, good, we don’t have to do remedial work. Some people think they don’t.

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 The thing is with this module, I called it Stepping Behind the Curtain of Your Mind.  What you’re doing here, you’re bringing in more awareness than most people typically have.  So, we have pictures, we have sounds running through our mind all the time, throughout the day.

Think of what your mom looks like, right?  You can do that and hold that picture there, but it could also just come across for a split second, and you don’t notice many details.  Since we’re going into the finer details of this, you have to really kind of take a step back in your mind to notice those finer details, and that’s where the magic lies.

One of the things I often say is, “How you visualize is more important than what you visualize.”  And we will show some examples of what exactly that means.  That means I can have you visualize doing a different exercise than what you’re about to do, but if you do that right, it’s going to work better than actually visualizing the actual exercise you about to do. 

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