Strength Training as Self Development

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Lifting weights, bodyweight or whatever method of exercise, is like a crucible where you forge your body, mind and spirit.

I have always looked at is as such and always will.

Not only that, but it is one of the best areas in which to practice the various skill sets that can then be applied to all other areas of life.

Goal setting

…Aim for a fitness goal and hit it. Most fitness goals are easily measurable and you can track your progress towards that aim. And then you’re better prepared to hit goals outside of fitness.


…The process of visioning has many elements. In fact, those goals often start with a future vision. Being able to see it in clear detail is critical in the gym or outside.

State management

…Can you handle the setbacks, the interruptions, and the myriad of ways that life gets in the way? Are you able to “bring it” when you need to “bring it,” or do you crumple under the pressure?


…Even if you start off as weak and scrawny as I did, it was through building up my ability in the gym that I built up my confidence in other places.

And I could keep going on and on.

I highly encourage everyone to use what they do in fitness, not just to get fit, but to cultivate the skills that can be applied there and elsewhere.

And so, it was that in studying various facets of self-development, tools like NLP, hypnosis, even energy medicine, for all these other purposes that I APPLIED them to fitness. Why? Because the tools were the same regardless of application.

So, use fitness to become better outside of fitness. And use things from outside of fitness to become better at fitness.

That is Strength Training as Self Development and Self Development as Strength Training.

That’s how you become legendary.

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