How I Keep a Workout Log

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The basics of a workout journal is to simply write out your workout on a given day. You fill out the details, all the exercises you do, the sets, the reps, the time, everything involved that you choose to keep track of.

• Exercise
• Weight or Variation
• Sets/Reps/Time

These are the commonalities you’ll find across most types of workout logs.

But what is common may end there.

In the video below, in which I show one of three parts of my training log, you’ll see the other important parts I track. These includes:

The difference between Practicing, Testing & Training as I share in this article.

The type of PR I hit such as intensity, set, volume, density, etc. More about progression here.

If you want more detail on this, including the next two parts, these are going out to Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle members.

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