Instant Exercise Enhancers: Guaranteed Mental and Energetic Methods to Instantly Improve Your Strength, Skill and Endurance

I know it sounds too good to be true. But if you stick with me for a moment, I will prove it to you.

Besides…what if it is true? What if it works? What if you could learn these methods yourself?

What would being able to tap into your mind this way do for your fitness if you had it available?

Isn’t it worth exploring? So, let me tell you a true story…

An Elite Level Athlete Doubles What He Can Do in a Few Minutes

Matti Marzel flew all the way to San Diego, California from the Netherlands to take part in the Wizards of Strength Workshop where these videos were filmed.

He came all that way, traveling for 18 hours, because he knew it would help him to become stronger.

I worked with him on an exercise he was already performing very well in.

Matti was doing handstand pushups while just on his index fingers and thumbs!

He was capable of doing two of these. But after a unique mental drill I led him through, he doubled what he could do, with four reps.

Watch the video to see for yourself.

Now, I can’t promise that it will work that well for you…

But these techniques work EVERY time if you do them right.

Forget doubling your reps. What if you could do just 10% or 5% more? Wouldn’t that alone be worth it?

As it turns out it also helped set him up to excel in the future. Within a couple months he was doing ten reps in the same exercise!

3 Proven Methods to Reprogram Your Mind and Energies for Instant Increases in Strength, Speed and Skill

Over the course of about three hours at the workshop I showcased three different methods of instantly boosting performance. These are called the Instant Exercise Enhancer Basic and Advanced versions, as well as a very different method but with similar results called the Instant Energy Exercise Enhancer. On these two videos you’ll discover:

Video one (46 minutes):

  • Why Mental and Energetic Training is Largely Untapped Potential for EVERY Trainee
  • How Strength is a Skill…and Mental Methods Allow this to Go Further than Most Realize
  • …Yet the Key Point of How Strength and Skills are Different
  • What Deliberate Practice is and How to Use it in Training
  • How the Oldtime Strongmen Trained which was Far Different from Most People Today
  • Analyzing Your Awareness of Thinking About Exercises
  • The Thoughts in Our Head of Impossibility vs. Possibility (aka What We Say to Ourselves) and How These Affect Our Ability
  • The Master Question: What does it take to make Big Jumps in Progress or even Multiple Progressive Steps in a Single Session?
  • Siberia vs Cancun and noticing Content vs. Context in Visualization
  • How Slight Changes in Visualization can Lead to Physiological Changes such as Warmth
  • Why to Rate Exercise Difficulty on a Scale of 0 to 10
  • An Example of Improving Kettlebell Swings with Internal Visual Changes
  • How to Narrow in on Submodalities (the Qualities of our Imagination) that Act as Drivers in Our Performance
  • The Steps of the Basic Instant Exercise Enhancer
  • An Advanced Step of Utilizing an Anchor when Coaching Someone Else
  • Longer, Better and Easier – How You Can Improve Performance While Also Making Things Easier!
  • Identifying Your Specific Key Driver of “Easier”
  • How to Improve Multiple Times by Repeating the Same Drill
  • The “Missing” Auditory Channel – How Adding this Often Neglected Area can Help or Hinder
  • Hacking into Your Mental Wiring, Your Mind-Muscle Connection

Video two (44 minutes):

  • An Example of Improving Fingertip Handstand Pushups (as seen above but you get to see HOW it happened here) with the Advanced Drill
  • Try On Another Method of Visualization: Imagining Yourself as Someone Else
  • Why Even Peak Performers can Find Room for Mental Improvement
  • Using Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Submodalities
  • How to “Time Travel” to the Future in Your Mind…Going Through Months of Training…and Take it Back to the Present
  • Reading the Eyes and the Gestures, Tingling and Flushing
  • The Steps of the Advanced Instant Exercise Enhancer
  • Try Using the “Roar of the Crowd” Yourself
  • Beware: Why these Mental Drills can Make You Move so Fast it Surprises You!
  • Why You May Need to Practice Your Visualization Basics
  • An Example with the RKC Arm Bar
  • Coaching Tip: How to Access the State with Them
  • The Key Question of “What Does that Feel Like in Your Body?”…and Why Most People Answer this Wrong
  • How Energy can affect Training…and Pain!
  • The “Constricted Breathing” Technique of Energy Psychology
  • The Proper Acupressure End Points to Use…with Some Alternatives
  • The Steps of the Instant Energy Exercise Enhancer
  • An Example with Pistols Squats
  • Simple “Templated” Phrases to Use with Tapping…and How to Freestyle
  • Why Focusing on Removing the Negative in the Age of Positive Mental Attitude can Work…Because of Your In-built B.S. Detector
  • …And When to Supercharge Things by Installing the Positive
  • An Example with a Freestanding Handstand
  • When and Where Swearing Can Be Helpful!
  • How These Methods May Normalize for Greater Performance All the Time
  • How Energy Influences Submodalities (Your Internal Visualization) and Vice Versa
  • Who Cares Why It Works…the Fact is it Works!
  • Ways to use the Instant Energy Exercise Enhancer Covertly

There’s more than this, but that gives a good overview of what you’ll find on this video set.

Not the Highest Quality Video…But the Highest Quality Content

What you see in the above clip is pretty much what you’ll get. It’s a little better as that video was poorly uploaded to Youtube. But this workshop was filmed years ago back in 2012 and that is what is available.

If you need pretty graphics than rent a Hollywood movie…

But if you’re looking for information that you absolutely will not learn anywhere else than this course is for you.

Guaranteed to Work for You…or Your Money Back

Look…This course is backed by a 3-month money back guarantee. What I’m telling you is that if these methods do not work for you, you’ll get every penny back.

No crazy hoops to jump through. All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] and my assistant will process it, usually within 24 hours.

I am that confident that you’ll EXCEL when you learn and us the Instant Exercise Enhancers.

Instant Exercise EnhancersDigital Download

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Bonus Video and Report:
How to Increase Your Strength By 350% in Less Than 7 Minutes

Again, I know that amount sounds incredible, and I can’t say it’ll work that well for you, but that 350% increase is from a true story. At Dragondoor’s Health and Strength Conference I coached Katie Peterson using the Instant Exercise Enhancer method from being able to do 2 one arm pushups, her current max, to 7 reps. That’s 350% as much!

You’ll get to see the video plus get access to the transcript with my detailed notes on what I coached here through and why. 

Dragondoor conference Logan Christopher

I know, this stuff looks and sounds weird. But I want to give you lots of examples that you can learn from so that you can make it work for you.

Instant Exercise Enhancers Digital Download

                    Only $99