Freestanding Full Range Handstand Pushup

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I’m happy to share that I’ve achieved a long-term goal of a freestanding full range handstand pushup.

Next step is to clean it up and add reps.

How did I get here? First I had a good base in being able to do a freestanding handstand. (I see too many people try to do freestanding handstand pushups without this ability.) Getting back to handstand training I built back up to a minute long hold.

Earlier on I was rebuilding my handstand pushup against the wall strength setting new PR’s there such as this one

Then I worked with different freestanding varieties, starting with partial range of motion (aka to the head on flat ground) and built up over time.

And this is all just on my recent cycle of focusing on handstand pushups.

When I first started training I could not do a single handstand pushup against the wall touching my head to the ground. It took six months of training to get that.

And now over a decade later I’ve achieved this goal. Think long term. But it wouldn’t have to take that long, as I haven’t been training handstand pushups that entire time.

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