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Do You Use These Little Known Methods of Making Handstand Pushups More Effective Whether You Can’t do a Single Rep (Yet) or Can Do Several Full Range?

Handstand Pushup with Weight

Dear Friend,

Back when I got started seriously training with bodyweight exercises I had one goal above all others. And that was to do a handstand pushup against the wall. I had grown up as a scrawny kid and my upper body strength was probably the weakest link.

At that time I could barely hold the handstand position.

And this wasn’t balancing on my own. I hadn’t even started with that yet. I relied on the wall. Nor was my goal to do a real full-range handstand pushup where you dip down between two chairs.

All I wanted was to touch my head to the ground and press back up. Just once. I knew if I could do this ultimate exercise I’d be on my
way as few people in the world can even do one.

I worked hard for a few months and eventually hit my goal. Since then its been a matter of adding more reps. Of making it more difficult. Now my personal record is 15 reps at a weight at 170 lbs. and that was awhile back. But that number is deceiving and let me tell you why.

Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Handstand Pushups?

I remember one day in 2005 when I was working out in my garage in San Luis Obispo, California. I was doing a circuit combining chinnups and handstand pushups (an awesome combo, by the way). I thought I was ready to start adding some height to extend the range of motion of my handstand pushup reps.

I was wrong.

You see in order to increase the height, I had to do a new setup which ended up changing my position in the handstand. When I tried I couldn’t do a single rep in this new form when I was suppose to be doing sets of three.

Even after I eliminated the new height and replicated the same position I still found these handstand pushups dramatically harder then the version I had been doing before. What was going on here?

Quite simply, my new handstand position actually had me taking on more of my own bodyweight.

Now I’ve come to realize that there are a bunch of small things you can do to make any handstand pushup harder or easier to do, without adding height or weight, simply by changing your position slightly.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Handstand Pushups, But No One Else Is Teaching

Head Position
Which Position Makes Handstand Pushups Harder?

Take for example this idea. It’s a way to add height without elevating your hands at all. When most people do handstand pushups against the wall they lower down to the top of their head. Go ahead and do a few reps like this if you can. Seriously try it out now…

Good. Now I want you to do a few more handstand pushups except this time you tilt your head back so that you touch your nose to the ground. Give it
a shot…

What did you find? Almost certainly you’ll find that touching your nose to the ground is a lot harder. This position not only adds about two inches to your range of motion but its happens to be right near the hardest part of pressing.

You might also find that your back tends to arch more as the body follows the head. This isn’t to be avoided at all costs like some people would have you believe, but it must be done correctly.

This is just one example of many I could give you to change the handstand pushup. I’m talking about hand positions, arms and hand positions, the head, back and even where the legs areThese change up the exercise BIG TIME.

People speak of the handstand pushup like its one move, as if there aren’t hundreds of ways to make the exercises easier or harder. That’s why when someone says they can do 20 reps you should look at how they’re doing it.

To People Who Want to do Handstand Pushups But Don’t Know How to Get Started

Maybe the previous example was beyond you like it was for me when I first began. Maybe you’re thinking I just want to get started and do that simple handstand pushup for one rep.

Well you’re in luck. Cause the same principles apply. Not only can your positioning be used to make reps harder but it can be used to make them as easy as possible. I can lay out everything you should do to make the handstand pushup as easy as possible for you to do.

And from there you make it harder as you get stronger.

On top of that there are a few non-handstand pushup moves you should be doing to build your strength to get to that first rep. And a couple special techniques that can help you blast through this or any plateau you get stuck at. This is…

The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

This volume gives you everything you need to get up to your first handstand pushup to doing full-range reps with added weight and tons in between. Here’s what it contains:

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 -Before You Begin
Chapter 3 – Lead-up Exercises
Chapter 4 – Handstand Positioning
Chapter 5 – Basic Handstand Pushup Exercises
Chapter 6 – Advanced Handstand Pushup Exercises
Chapter 7 – Extra Tips and Tricks
Chapter 8 – Progression
Chapter 9 – One Hand Handstands
Chapter 10 – Freestanding Handstand Pushups
Chapter 11 – Common Problems
Chapter 12 – Workouts

Elevated Handstand PushupsRead below to find out the many things you’ll find out about doing handstand and handstand pushups.

  • Want to target the shoulders more? Work with this hand placement
  • Want to target the arms more? Work with this hand placement
  • Want to target your chest more? Try arching but make sure you do it right to avoid possible injury
  • Having trouble getting into the handstand? Follow these steps to banish your fears and make handstands a breeze.
  • The best two stretches for improving your shoulder flexibility.
  • Have stiff wrists from handstands? These stretches will loosen them up and allow you to handstands pain free.
  • Handstand pushups out of your range? Use these three lead-up exercises to build your pushing strength allowing you to do the real thing within weeks
  • How to kick-up into a handstand against the wall. Do this right so you don’t waste energy getting into position when you’re trying to build strength.
  • Two alternative ways to get into the handstand against the wall.
  • Handstand on the Fingertips – When, where and how you can add these in to build those iron claws
  • Have wrist problems? Simple techniques to completely circumvent this problem. Get all the benefits of handstand pushups without any wrist pain.
  • How to apply your strength directly to lifting bigger weights
  • Stuck? Use these methods (isometrics, holds, negatives, and more) to bust through plateaus an gain incredible strength
  • Various ways to add height and weight to make any handstand pushup harder. What to be aware of when you do this.
  • Specific workouts for all levels – beginners, intermediate, advanced
  • Why the awesome combo of handstand pushups and pull-ups works and how to make the most out of it.
  • Using the handstand shrug as a finisher to build powerful traps
  • Reverse handstands and reverse handstand pushups open up a whole new ball game
  • Specific techniques to generate maximum strength like what to do with your eyes as you press-up.
  • Is holding a handstand easy for you? Use these one hand handstand variations to kick it up a notch
  • Are you leaning? How this simple position swtich-up can make the handstand pushup twice as hard
  • Want to know the easiest handstand pushup variation?
  • Want to know the hardest handstand pushup variation?
  • Hand and wrist action in the handstand. Where to place your weight for maximum strength.
  • Can you do the clapping handstand? Tips for this explosive plyometric.
  • How a simple piece of clothing can make your handstand pushups easier.
  • How to effectively work both handstand pushups and other presses making progress in both without over doing it.
  • Will you go after the one arm handstand pushup? Use this valuable assistance exercise to build up your strength.
  • This handstand pushup variation will blast your triceps better than any other!
  • How to take your strength out into the open with the Freestanding Handstand Pushup. Why this move is harder (besides the balance). Plus use these three methods to train this skill and master it in weeks.
  • How often should you do handstand pushups? Workout Frequency explained!
  • How much rest should you take between sets?
  • Workouts specifically to blast through any sticking points.
  • The Terrible Threesome – An ultimate bodyweight routine for the whole body
  • The Fearless Foursome – An even more cruel bodyweight routine
  • And More!

If its concerning handstands or handstand pushups against the wall then this course covers it. It is by all means the most complete course there is on these exercises.

Not only that but the book contains three bonus reports. Many people like to have everything laid out for their training plan. No thinking to be done, just work. If that’s you, you’ll love these bonuses.

All you have to do is add the sweat and effort and the results will come.

This is your handstand pushup game plan.

1. Step-by-Step Plan for Your First Handstand Pushup

2. Trainings Schedules to Reach the Full-Range Handstand Pushup

3. How to Build Parallettes<

In addition a final bonus report will show you how to cheaply and easily build your own pair of parallettes used to add height to HSPU’s and more. These extra reports could be worth the value of the course of itself.

5 Good Reasons to Buy

1. Handstand Pushups are one of the best exercises you can do to build incredible strength. And The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups gives you more detail on this amazing exercise then you can find in any other place.

2. Not only do you have all the possible handstand pushup positions described, but a bunch of exercises ranging from easy to super difficult.

3. There is no stone left unturned from the common problems addressed in Chapter 11, stretching for your hands and shoulders in Chapter 2, why handstand pushups and pullups work great together in Chapter 7 and so much more. Whatever your problem you’ll find an answer.

4.Perhaps you want to work all the way up to One Arm Handstand Pushups. Or maybe balance out in the open and do Freestanding Handstand Pushups. This book covers those too!

5. You’ll discover how to progress quickly with handstand pushups on your own or leave behind the thinking and just follow along the many workouts inside the book including the step-by-step training plans to hit your goals.

What Will You Do With Your New-Found Strength?

When you put these exercises into action you will get stronger. There is no doubt about it. When so few people can do a single repetition you’ll be busting out several with ease. All you have to do is follow the game plan as its laid out.

With 83 pages of handstand pushup information, filled with tons of pictures this really is the Ultimate Guide. This used to sell for $49.

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You get the jam-packed book that covers all the positions, exercises, methods of progression, one hand handstands, freestanding handstand pushups, tons of workouts, training plans and much more.

This is the course I wish I had when I got started. But it didn’t exist so I had to find all the answers through trial and error and from many other sources. You have the luxury of getting it all in just one place.

Bonus: Video Training from the Super Human Training Workshop

When you purchase on Legendary Strength you’ll get a 70 minute video from the Super Human Training Workshop #3, were I coached the attendees through these methods.

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Isn’t it time you used this ultimate exercise to achieve dramatic strength gains?

The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

eBook + Bonus Video
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I wish you the best success and nothing less.

In strength,
Logan Christopher
Logan Christopher

P.S. Don’t forget you’re backed by a 3-month guarantee. Get results or get your money back.

P.P.S. Handstand pushups really are one of the best exercises you can do for many reasons. Why not go deep and learn all you can about them?

“Overall, I think this is a great book, very thorough and it covers the topic very in depth. The concept of “stack progression” is money! This is by far the most thorough coverage of the topic I’ve seen. I was glad to see that you’re offering an e-book version of this at a lower price point, and I think it’s well worth the money. “
Brent Johnson

“Hey Logan…thanks to your book I’ve finally made it to full range HSPU!!”
John Cangotti

“I love this book because it gives a good progression for how to build up to a handstand push up and beyond. The pictures in the book are clear and very well explained. I like the splitting up in easy, moderate and difficult placing of the hands. The book made it clear to me to work for a wall handstand push up First before going to advanced stuff like HSPU on parallettes. The programs are diverse and gives lots of ideas to try.”
Marcel Briegoos from Holland

“Logans Ultimate guide to handstand push ups is well… exactly what it says it is. I’m currently studying to be a personal trainer and i cant wait to put the information in this guide to use on my future clients. The plateau breaking techniques and explantions of different variations had sent my personal training into over drive. I now understand why my own training came to a halt and how to keep results coming. Not only that what ive learnt can help me help others attain crushing upper body strength. ANYONE serious about physical training needs this guide in their training library, the bonus section on building paralettes is an excellent way to really secure this book as the truly ultimate handstand push up guide.”
Mike A, Apprentice Personal Trainer

“Your book is the most detailed and extensive run-down on this particular family of exercises that I have run across.  The list of variation and the ways to increase/decrease the difficulty of the exercise have been the most useful parts so far.  I look forward to working on the freestanding versions and the one-arm handstand once I am further along, and the corresponding sections of the book will be my plan of attach for doing that. So far I don’t have any complaints — tons of great info, without any fluff. Great work!”

“I own all the books in that series, but the one on HSPU’s truly is the best! This is one of my favorite exercises of all time that can be done almost anywhere and builds more size and strength than any other bodyweight exercise I know.  People are still very impressed when they see you doing these and for good reason,  they are NOT easy.  I don’t know if there is anything more you can teach about this exercise that you didn’t already cover in the book, but if you ever did a follow up book on this exercise I would surely buy it!” 
Charles Mitchell