Secrets of the Handstand Sneak Peek

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Here you’ll find a bunch of short clips from the videos in Secrets of the Handstand 3.0 which is currently available on Quarantine Sale.

This was filmed at a small workshop in southern California years back. In about three hours it covers everything you need to build up to a freestanding handstand (and a bit on going beyond too).

This first video shows some simple drills for a sticking point for many people, wrist flexibility.

Kicking up against a wall can be a tricky and scary thing the first time you try it. It’s very disorienting to be upside down trying to support your whole weight. This video covers various tips for doing so safely.

The frogstand is the easiest hand balance to do, a perfect stepping stone for the handstand. Learn the best technique for doing so here.

The headstand is another great lead-up stunt. Many people master this one quickly but there are variations and other exercises that can help you go further. Headstand leg raises not only train your balance but ab strength and control too.

Another of the easier hand balances, the two arm elbow lever, also known as the half planche, feels very weird the first time you start it. Here are a couple steps to get you used to it and balancing quickly.

What follows are some tips on the hollow body position, using this with reverse handstands against the wall, in order to develop a straight handstand instead of curved.

All the focus gets paid to balancing out in the open. Obviously, that is important, but take a step back first. You must dial in your kick-up to get good at practicing the balancing. Here’s how to do that.

It’s called HAND balancing for a reason. Most of the balance comes from the hands. But you can also use your shoulders with what is called shoulder weaving to correct over and under balancing when it moves beyond your hands ability to control.

If you want to get good at freestanding handstands it takes practice, practice, practice. Here’s some tips on the best ways to program.

This sneak peek is meant to give you a good overview of what’s inside but there’s so much more. With roughly three hours of video, and the complete book, this is the my systematic approach to conquering the handstand. With this approach it is easier then you think.

Find out more, see the many success stories, and get the complete program here.

Secrets of the Handstand

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