Full Range Handstand Pushups with Straight Legs

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Most of the handstand pushups at full range I’ve done have involved bent legs. This use to be because of height limitations. Now I have the overhead space needed for this tougher version.

And that’s just it. This is a tougher version than the same exercise done with bent legs. Why? Because you effectively handle more of your bodyweight.

Lest you think this move is way too far beyond you, the same idea applies if just going to the top of the head.

And if that’s too far beyond you, there are other positioning tips, as I cover in The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups, that will help get you there.

(On that note I think attaining a handstand pushup to the top of your head and up, while against a wall, is a worthy goal of anyone.)

That’s the thing with bodyweight exercises. You need to know how to progress from one difficulty to the next. It’s not as simple as adding weight to a barbell. Instead, you almost always change your position in one way or another.

In some moves the difference is obvious. In handstand pushups, not so much.

But this idea is frowned upon by some as they think there is only one “proper” form for an exercise. Wrong! I’ll be doing full range handstand pushups with both bent legs and straight legs for some time now. They’re different moves, different difficulties and both are worth doing.

More on this concept and well as training plans, workouts and more inside the book here.

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