120 lb Barbell Getup

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I’ve been working on the getup for the past couple months. And I’m happy to report that I’ve hit a new lifetime PR in the move. Watch it here:

I believe I had previously hit 115 lbs. years ago when I was practicing this exercise daily thought I could be misremembering. I hit this mark recently too.

So I’m happy to have surpassed that mark for a new lifetime record.

The short term goal, for now, is to get up to 135 lbs. And I think it would be amazing to lift a weight equal to body weight in the getup longer term!

For those not familiar with the getup here are a few of the benefits:

• It’s a lot of fun! In my opinion, many of the oldtime lifts, such as this one, are way more fun to practice and do then say squats or pressing.
• The shoulder stability required is crazy. You move your arm through quite a few planes of motion and must do so with a heavyweight locked out overhead the whole time.
• It’s a full body lift. The torso stabilization, the core work, even the legs all get used.
• Using a barbell instead of a kettlebell makes it more challenging as it amps up the balance needed.
• It benefits your structure. It’s not a muscle-based exercise but is better thought of as moving support.

On this last point, this is why you’ll see it featured inside of Deceptive Strength. This exercise will never make you bodybuilder huge…but it can make you very strong.


  1. That’s awesome Logan! How do you go wearing socks? I’ve always felt a bit sketchy doing bridges or get ups in socks.

    Congrats on getting the little one through the first year! My wife and I had our second daughter on Thursday. Rocking, rolling, bodyweight (I’ve got your squat, pull up, handstand books) and Wing Chun forms in the hospital room have kept me sane and the nurses entertained!

    Powered by Nature arrived too, so aside from being a happy occasion in it’s own right, this interlude is a great opportunity to reset and fire up for the years ahead. I’ll be the healthiest, strongest (possibly weirdest) dad on the block!

    Hope your clan our doing well too,


    1. Thanks Joel and glad to hear you’re keeping it going on with a second child. I can only imagine!

      As for the socks, very valid point. In general, I would like to be barefoot BUT it’s winter and my garage is quite cold, so the trade-off is that.

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