115 lb. Barbell Getup

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Getups with a barbell are great. They bring in a bit more of a balance challenge than kettlebells (though surprisingly enough, are not as difficult as a dumbbell.)

Here is a recent PR handling 115 lbs in the barbell getup.

My plan is to get up to 135 lbs. From there we’ll see.

(My right side is stronger in these. So far I’ve handled 95 lbs. on my left side.

The getup can be a great exercise for building shoulder stability as it moves through three planes.

This can also be a tough ab exercise, especially the situp part. I’ve found that going more to the side and then working my way up tends to work better for heavier weights than a more classic situp position as is often taught.

For more exercises like this, check out Deceptive Strength.


    1. I just started doing these Turkish getups with a 25lb kettlebell. I’m loving the pump I’m getting in my shoulders and back. Ur awesome Logan, God Bless U and TY.

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