Air Pollution = Unhappiness

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In the past, I’ve discussed how air quality is critically important for your health.

For example, here are two short articles:

Are You Breathing Crap?

Walking May Kill You Faster

That this particulate matter in the air is absorbed into your lungs, into your body and can have a whole host of effects.

I’ve also discussed how better air quality means greater productivity which ought to be of interest to anyone who wants to be a more effective human being. It sure interested me!

Now, some new research just came out that says:

“The evidence here supports the conclusion that high levels of air pollution lower the urban population’s reported levels of happiness.” (Source)

Personally, you’re not going to be able to do much about the air pollution in cities whether Beijing or San Francisco. (Except by choosing not to live there…)

But there are things that can be done to upgrade your personal air supply in your personal space, like your home or office.

The fact is that air quality indoors tends to be much WORSE than outdoors because of off-gassing chemicals and more.

So you can use essential oils, living plants, various technologies, open windows and more in order to increase your health, your productivity…and now it appears, according to the research, your happiness too!

You can find more of the specific steps inside of Upgrade Your Breath (in addition to the main focus of breathing exercises, which upgrade your air supply in a different way).

There’s also a detailed chapter on “Air” inside of the brand new Powered By Nature.

We tend not to think about the air because we can’t see it. But its effects are greater than most of us realize.

It looks like if you upgrade your air then you’ll upgrade your happiness.

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