Are You Breathing Crap?

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Think about it right now….

What is the QUALITY of the air that you’re breathing into your body?

Is this air supporting your health?

Or is it taking away from it?


Chances are, if you are indoors, it is pretty crappy air, unless you’ve done a few things to remedy the situation.

If you’re outside in a city, it’s also pretty crappy air.

So what are you to do about it?

The majority of Upgrade Your Breath is about breathing exercises you can do.

But that’s not all.

There’s a small but jam packed section about what you can do to improve your air quality.

Like in your home and work place.

The breathing exercises you do are great…but this focus is at least as important.

Like in my office as I write this to you there are three things to support my air quality going on.

I’ve got the window open to support air circulation.

Sitting next to my desk is a large plant, proven by NASA to clean four different chemicals out of the air including formaldehyde!

(Plus it’s a super easy plant to take care of.)

Then I’ve got the added benefits of a technological device that mimics the effects of what the Japanese call “Shinrin-Yoku”.

Proven to lower stress, kill harmful bacteria in the air and more.

It’s these small steps, stacked together, that can lead to big differences in your health and your performance.

In Upgrade Your Breath there’s even tips on transforming your internal environment (aka your respiratory tract) to something that supports more health.

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