San Diego Stairs Workout

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This past week I’ve been in San Diego for two back to back events and conferences.

I do travel quite a bit for my businesses, but it’s typically weekend or few day trips.

In those cases I usually hit a solid workout the day before or day of when leaving, and then use that time to let my body rest and recuperate.

But that wasn’t going to work this time as I’m here for ten days.

I still did a great workout before I left, and took the first couple days off. But by day 4 it was time to get my butt moving.

Nearby where I’m staying is the San Diego Convention Center. There is a beautiful set of stairs there.


…And by beautiful I mean great for running stair sprints 🙂

While I personally prefer a hill, stairs are just as good but a little different.

I jogged there then ran just four sets.

A foot on every step.
Every other step.
Every third step.
A foot on every step again.

And I stopped there because my calves will be sore tomorrow already!

Then I went to the hotel gym (which as most hotel gyms are, was pretty lame). But they did have a set of dumbbells going up to fifty pounds.

I did a few sets of alternating presses and renegade rows then called it a day.

It’s not snatching a kettlebell (my current training goal) but it’ll help in a roundabout way and keep me feeling good in these late nights while on the road.

If you’re looking for similar short yet effective workouts, and something you can do completely at home (and sometimes on the road too) then you should check this out.

My friend Forest Vance, a former pro football player, just put together the Basement Badass 12 Week course.

I’ll tell you the truth…there’s nothing groundbreaking about it.

But in a world of crap (i.e. all the conventional fitness training information out there) this program can take you from zero to solid results.

Check out the full details here.

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