Dragon Pistol Squat for Reps

In Bodyweight Mastery, Strongman Mastery by Logan Christopher2 Comments

This video showcases a recent PR in the dragon pistol squat for me. I hit twelve reps on each leg.

Now, one thing I’ve noticed is I tend not to get too 100% depth when I’m working on reps. It’s close but not quite there. So I will be working on cleaning that up.

But in any case, I’m still quite happy with the progress in being able to stack the reps together on this tricky, active flexibility, balance required move.

If you want more than check out The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats 2.0. It gives my entire roadmap to building up and mastering this move.


  1. I did it to try it but I do not care for this awkward movement. I much rather prefer a regular pistol one legged squat. You can go much deeper down and keep the body in a much more symmetrical position with the pistol.

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