135 lb. Barbell Bent Press

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Happy to hit a new recent PR in 135 lbs. with the barbell bent press.

I feel really good about lowering down under the weight completely and not pressing it out. But this did initiate some spin on the barbell that I had to go with and count myself as lucky for recovering.

In this same workout, I came really close to bent pressing the 60kg kettlebell too. Close to the same weight, but with a different feel to it.

Actually, I hit this same weight years ago which you can see in this older post. But I haven’t bent pressed since then. Soon I’ll be surpassing this mark with a goal of a bodyweight bent press (my current weight is 180 lbs.).

More details on this lift can be found inside of the Arthur Saxon Power Pack.


  1. Awesome lift, Logan! Looking forward to seeing you do more of it. I’m actually curious about it, at some point I’d like to give it a try, too.

  2. Awesome bent press. Do you think bent press will help with TGU? I’m actually going after 135 barbell TGU and hit 125 last week. Just like you I want to eventually get my body weight but with the barbell TGU.

    1. Yes, Jose I think there is some carryover between the two as they’re both moving supports and require similar balance and coordination.

      That being said they do have some significant differences. Focused effort on one might be better than spread focus on two. Hard to say for sure, but I am practicing both right now and hitting PR’s in both.

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