Getup and Press

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Credit goes to my friend, Tyler Bramlett, for introducing the getup and press to me. Long ago he told me about how he used it to rehab client’s shoulders with it and I’ve used it off and on ever since.

It takes the basic getup exercise (done with a kettlebell, dumbbell or barbell, doesn’t really matter) and adds a press in each of the segments.

Start light! As shown here this involves doing seven different presses, so a single rep of the getup and press contains a moderate amount of work in it. This is especially true when you realize that this isn’t a simple set of presses but working at angles you’ve likely not worked before.

Doing this moves your shoulder and arm through the front, side and overhead ranges of motion. Amazing for shoulder and elbow health.

Want more like this?

This kind of exercises builds functional strength, without necessarily making you big and bulky which is why its inside of Deceptive Strength.

This kind of training is also found inside of The Indestructible Body because it helps you to rehab injuries you have, are build the strength, stability and mobility needed to not get pain and injuries in the first place.

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