175 lb. Barbell Bent Press (new personal record)

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A new personal record of 175 lbs. in the barbell bent press. I weighed 184 lbs. at the time of this record, so closing in on my goal of a bodyweight bent press.

It’s taken many attempts to get this one so very excited to finally get it.

Previously I was trying to jump straight from 165 lbs. to 175 lbs. Today, I did 170 lbs. and felt super strong in that, so went for 175 lbs. and hit it.

I feel a little stupid for not trying this sooner. By making smaller jumps it’s simply easier to pass through them. I’ll certainly aim for 180 next time.

You’ll noticed some mental drills, pretty much all stuff I teach in Mental Muscle, used in this. Visualizing via the advanced Instant Exercise Enhancer technique along with anchoring at the end.

Can you tell what my anchor is?

And this coming off of hurting my low back less than a month ago! Yep, feeling 100% now. 

For more on how to do bent pressing read this article


  1. Brings back memories of my high school days when I was the only one who could pick up a 100 lb. barbell like that one from the ground with one hand and lift it overhead and hold it. NOBODY regardless of their size could do it. There was no such thing as a bent press back then either. Another record I held in high school was the two hand bar hold at eye level. I could hold that till the cows came home. I never did set a time record with it because nobody could hold it longer than a few minutes and I was good with for as long as I wanted.
    Nice video of you breaking your record, Logan.

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