World's Strongest Hair

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I’m not sure if I can claim the title world’s strongest hair…at least thus far, but there’s no doubt that my hair is strong.

If you’re following me on Facebook or Twitter than you may have read about what happened at the Atomic Athletic Strongman Picnic. Either way, here’s the video.

Here is the full story at least as far as my own performance is concerned.

I got set ready to pull. Well over a hundred people ready, watching and cheering.

I strained and pulled. The fire truck rocked forward but with its massive wheel it was difficult to get it to turn over.

After a couple futile attempts we took a break to make some adjustments. Changing the chains to get a more even pull on each side. Moving the truck to get it out of any dip it may have been in. The tires were filled with air the previous day but without a pressure rating they were skeptical of adding too much!

This time I knew I couldn‘t fail. I had flown across the US just for this. Once I started pulling I didn’t stop ‘til the end. Not only was this the biggest vehicle I’ve done but it was also the longest distance, my guess being at least 50 yards.

Fire truck

No Small Task

I was so concentrated on the strain on my head and neck I didn’t even realize how much my legs were drained. You see when I stand up at the end, also due to being a bit light headed, that I nearly fall over.

Hope you enjoyed that. I know I did. And it won’t be the last, nor the biggest vehicle I pull with my hair.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Thanks to Andrew Durniat for filming this for me. You’ll see some more video of the event later, including when Andrew and I went head to head in kettlebell juggling. I think I enjoyed that even more than the hair pulling.


  1. Awesome feat, Logan! We usually see men who are built like human mastodons doing stunts like this. It is inspiring to see someone with a more slender body exhibiting super strength.

  2. Logan, that is just great! I follow you as much as anyone, because (as Randy mentioned in the previous comment) it’s great to see someone who isn’t 350 lbs. doing stuff like this. I’m about 170, working towards 165-170 but with much more lean muscle, and this gives me hope! Thanks for the post, great video.

  3. Man that is awesome! Well done!!

    I think Joseph Greenstein aka The Mighty Atom still has the record with holding back a propellor plane… but possibly the strongest hair of a living man for sure 😀

  4. AWESOME! I wonder if it would be possible for a person to pull an 18-wheeler?

  5. I don’t know how you kept your neck in position. Holy hair pull!! You’re crazy AND amazing!!

    You should come to Iowa. The college I teach at has one of the only heavy equipment operation programs in the country. We have all kinds of equipment you could pull from loaders to excavators to dump trucks. LMK if your interested.

  6. I can say without any reservation. You are without a doubt the craziest white boy I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!

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