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My Most Important Message Ever

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First off, I’ll have the full story of my hair pulling performance later. Just getting the video ready to go and writing it up.

Until then…this may be the most important message I’ve ever written.

(Deep breath) Okay, here we go…

My mother passed away less than six months ago from cancer. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through.

If you’ve been with me since before that time you may remember when I took time off to deal with her failing health. When I came back I never mentioned what had happened. I sat down to do it on a couple occasions but I couldn’t find the words. In fact, this is the first time I’ve written about it publicly.

She suffered through nine years of chemotherapy, radiation and hell before finally becoming so debilitated at the end she needed 24 hour care. And then she was gone.

So why am I telling you this now?

I’ve recently sent you a couple videos regarding cutting edge health information.

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail

In one of them was Paul Stamets. It didn’t show it in the clip they put online, put in part of that presentation he told the story of how his 80 year old mother was diagnosed with a very deadly form of cancer. He, being the world’s foremost mycological expert, provided her with medicinal mushrooms, one of them being what‘s known as Turkey Tail. She survived and the cancer receded.

My eyes filled with tears. It took everything I had not to bust up crying right in the middle of his talk. If only I had known this information earlier…

When I got home I went on a hike. Right in my own backyard less than a mile from my house Turkey Tail is growing readily in the forest.

What could have been if only I had access to this information earlier?

Maybe someone close to you is going through something similar. Maybe you are. It sucks. There are no other words for it, except even stronger ones.

It happens everyday. Just last night I read how one of the greatest metal singers, Ronnie James Dio, had passed on from stomach cancer at only 67.

But I believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can live long in radiant health and not have to deal with debilitating and deadly disease. It’s becoming more possible each day. Getting old itself is not toxic, its how we live that makes us pay the price.

There is amazing information available. And unfortunately, what you don’t know is killing you.

Here’s the deal. Today they released the DVD’s of this conference. I want you to get it.

You can do that by clicking here.

If you click that link and buy I will be compensated. But I do NOT want to use my mother to sell you something…

…That’s why every cent I make from these sales will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I already bought the DVD’s myself so I’m starting the pot off with money in it.

I think this information is that IMPORTANT.

If my loss can be used to get your attention, get you to ACT and then you use it to save someone’s life I feel like I can at least turn the negative into a positive.

Hopefully you’ve seen the clips I’ve sent and the extra one‘s they‘ve released. They give you a taste of what’s to find in the footage of two and a half days.

In case you missed them you can signup here and find all three clips on the following page.

Unfortunately I realize the price may make this out of the reach for some people. But what is money without health.

Even if you don’t take advantage of this offer now realize this information is out there. And I’ll be sharing more with you soon.

For now just click over and watch the video about it. Then make your decision.

Thank you.

In health,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I know this message is heavier than my normal material. I’ll be back to fun and strength training soon but for now, if it’s done it’s job it’s at least got your attention. Watch the video and realize that there is another way.

P.S.S. If you decide this program is not right for you for whatever reason but would like to make a donation you can still do that by clicking the donate button below.





  1. hello Logan,

    Your progress in gymnastics is fantastic. Keep on trying and searching for strength tips and health issues. Soon you will find out many interesting things to make life super enjoy fun play.
    There are lot of things to live and experience in life. When the student is ready the master WILL appear

  2. Dear Logan,

    Something that life has has taught me over time is that whilst we are usually afraid of death and are sad when a near/dear one passes away, it is also very much a part of life. Nothing can take away your grief but time can surely get you to accept it – but do also remember how death actually came as a blessed relief to your mother and saved her more pain.

    Think of all the good times you shared and keep making her proud of you because she still lives………….inside you.

    God Bless

  3. Sorry to hear Logan, took a lot of courage to post this. Don’t beat yourself up too much buddy.

  4. Your mother dedicated a large portion of her life raising you. Obviously she did a good job. You gave back to her by becoming a son she could be proud of. You can’t ask for much more than that in this short life. Stay strong in your faith, and it will help ease the heartache. Everything we do in this life matters. The smallest kindness can have the biggest impact in someones life. Look to GOD and he will comfort you in your time of grief. God bless.

  5. My condolences man. It is hard to part with a loved one, but as life flows on you begin to accept the realisation that we are all mortal. You can only make the best of the time that you have on this earth. Every moment is magical, it can be gone so quickly. Take it easy Logan, your good mate Todd.

  6. logan,let me start with my deepest condolences.i lost my dad in 2002 and my mom is now suffering with cancer.its very hard to deal with,but i epersonally being a christian have found comfort in god,knowing your mother is not suffering anymore can help,but the good work you do in your training an shareing of all your expertise is not only a testament to you logan,but also a great testamony to what a wonderful woman your dear mother must have and ALWAYS WILL BE. god bless you and your family.jim

  7. Logan, What you do is an inspiration to many people! As a parent, I am sure that your mom had great peace knowing that her son is happy and healthy, and positively contributing to the health and happiness of so many others through his leadership and example.
    Best wishes,

  8. Logan,

    NBCF is sorry to hear of your loss. Stories like yours help us spread awareness to others. We would love to hear more about your promotion. Please contact me when you can.

    Thank you,
    Shana Alegria
    National Breast Cancer Foundation
    [email protected]
    (972) 248-9200

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