Day of Reckoning

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As you’re reading this, unless you’re unlike me and don’t check your email several times a day, I’m on a plane to Ohio.

The day of reckoning is upon me.

Tomorrow is the Atomic Athletic Great Black Swamp Olde Time Strongman Picnic. Wow, that name is a mouthful.

Tomorrow I perform.

Tomorrow I pull a fire truck with my hair.

(As a side note I ran into a couple old friends a couple days ago and told them what I was doing this weekend. What else would I be doing on a Saturday afternoon? Watching sports and drinking a beer? No. Going to the beach? Nope. Pulling a fire truck with my hair? Of course. Typical for me. The more I think about it the more absurd it seems even to me.)

I’ve trained hard. I’m as prepared as I can be.

There’s going to be hundreds of people. Radio and TV coverage. Even now I can hear the play-by-play action going on in my head…and yes its in John Madden’s voice.

…He’s getting set for the pull. The chains are taught. He’s straining but nothing’s happening…oh…wait a second…yes there it is! The firetruck is moving! Slowly but Logan’s gaining momentum. He…could…go…All…THE…WAY!!!!

The pressure is on.

Wish me luck.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Thanks for everyone who sent me Happy Birthday wishes yesterday. I’ve never received that many in one day and it was quite overwhelming. This is certainly a new way to celebrate!


  1. Good luck mate, this kind of thing is so impressive to me. Hope there’ll be links to YouTubes of the TV coverage etc.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday – and I’ve already seen the video of you pulling the truck – you go all the way (sorry to spoil it for you – one of the drawbacks of time travel) 🙂

  3. Owning that trick feat is the best birthday present I can imagine for you! Happy birthday!

  4. Good luck. I wanted to come up there and meet you but family, work, budget,
    etc. isn’t allowing it this time.

    By the way, Madden is a great choice for a voice. Then after, he’d get the
    teleprompter and draw a circle around your head: “See here, his hair is
    tight, and his neck is bulging, then over here, the tires are starting to

    Good stuff!

  5. Dude, that is amazing! I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I am cheering you on. You are a huge motivator for me right now.

    I am trying to lose weight, but more importantly, I am trying to gain strength. I am 5’11”, 250 lbs. My goal weight is about 185 lbs. I have taken up running and weightlifting, but my real goal is to be able to work up to the point that I can simply handle myself well if an important event calls for me to act. I am looking forward to when I can even successfully do body weight moves like a pull-up ( I am practicing hanging for time right now to improve my grip strength ). I read your Strong Man Manifesto and agree with everything you say. I have felt like a failure and less than a man for a long time, but now I know that with hard work, I can change that. Every other day I lift weights. I do push ups and body weight squats every day because the recovery is pretty quick. I also run every day for 1 mile, but am thinking about changing to doing sprints instead so that I can get the most fat loss in a short period (I don’t run fast when I do a mile).

    With all of this physical work I am doing, food is still a big mental barrier for me. I feel like crap after a sugary or processed food binge, but I am still too weak mentally to resist. I will continue to read your strong man manifesto and try to keep my focus when meal time comes around, or there are cupcakes in the break room at the office.

    Sorry for the rant, keep up the good work, and I look forward to your future posts.


  6. An amazing feat! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour and appreciate all the pieces of informartion you send as they are very helpful. I hope it all goes well adn wish you luck on future feats.

  7. Logan :]

    You can do this, cuz so many ppl including myself believe in u but most importantly, you already know you’re gonna do this!

    May the strength in your heart prevail. Tell us how it went yea?

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