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Learn from the Longevity Conference

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With the introduction of the health section here I’m going to be showing you lots more on what I do.

And this so happens to be timely. I mentioned in a previous post about the Longevity Conference and how mind blowing of an event it was.

longevity conferenceWell, now you can get access to it. Click this link and you can watch a clip from one of the presenters, Dr. Mercola as he talks about:

  • A common vitamin that way too many people are lacking and how it influences up to 3000 of your genes.
  • Which vital tests doctors do NOT routinely provide that could save hundreds of thousands of lives when you know what they are!
  • Cancer connections and much more.

Yes, they will be selling the DVD’s for this event but for now you can just watch these informational videos online.

This is important stuff. Go watch it now.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. They’ll be showing you more clips from the event too than the one I mentioned above. Just saw they put up one from a simply amazing presentation on mushrooms…yes mushrooms! You gotta see it.

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