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Strongman Picnic Recap

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You’ve seen my performance from the Atomic Athletic Strongman Picnic. But what about everyone else?

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You don’t call it a strongman picnic if there isn’t all kinds of strong people present. This includes the oldtime performance based strongman as well as the modern competing type.

There was Olympic lifting. There was ‘regular’ vehicle towing (because towing a semi-truck with a harness is regular compared to doing it by the hair). There was lots of stone lifting.

There was all kinds of metal being bent from horseshoes to bars of iron and even scrolling.

There was martial arts demonstrations, Indian club swinging, people lifting, and even a circus sideshow.

One of the highlights for me was K.C. Gittleson and his sledgehammer finger walking. If you’re not familiar with this exercise it involves holding a slegehammer upright, with the head below you, by the four fingertips of each hand (no thumbs). You then walk your fingers down the shaft until you get to the head of the hammer.

Stewart Rosendaul

Stewart Rosendaul lifting his daughter, Brianna

This takes tremendous finger strength and dexterity. K.C. did it with over 40 lbs. To give you an idea of how awesome that is I’m currently working with 8 lbs. If you’ve never tried this exercise give it a shot.

Andrew Durniat amazed the people as usual with his barbell juggling. But he didn’t stop there. He also flipped and tossed around a 50 lb. stone padlock and a 45 lb. plate. If you think any of those are easy give it a try and you’ll find out otherwise.

As previously mentioned, we went head to head in kettlebell juggling trying to out do one another. And we both did in different ways.

I’ll have more video of these events in the coming days and weeks. And later on there’ll be a DVD released that shows it all.

In the end it was worth the trip out to Ohio. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. And if at all possible it would be great to organize a similar event to do over here on the west coast.

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Logan Christopher


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