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Progress in Biofeedback Training – Part 2

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This is the second in a series on my progress on biofeedback. Click here for the first post.

I still feel like I need more time to have revolutionary results. So far the results have only been great!

My lifts are going up. By following my biofeedback my body is guiding me to do higher volume most of the time versus what I use to do which was singles or maybe 5×5.

You may have heard about cycling or waving the loads before in periodization or other training plans. It looks like the reason that works is because that’s what the body naturally wants to do!

The question you may be asking is, is this higher volume leading to more strength on the top end? So far it seems to be yes. Still need more time to see the overall and definite trend but I’m starting to see it right now. About once a week or so the testing guides me to work up to a max (in different lifts). As long as the exercise keeps testing better with increasing loads I keep going.

One big change is that I no longer do a daily joint mobility routine. I don’t need to. My body isn’t beat up from training, in fact I rarely get sore and when I do its just a small amount.

I have improved my flexibility without doing static or isometric stretching. Even my hand balancing practice is getting better, when I’ve been stuck for a long, long time.

I leave each workout moving better than I did before the workout. I feel good, if not downright fresh and ready to do much more. Sometimes I feel a little worked after high volume or many exercises but I never feel dead tired or like I need to lay down to recoup.

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Making it Hard or Making it Easy? The Choice is Yours…

Oh yeah, and I’m training six or even seven days a week setting PR’s each day in just about everything I do. (Training this often is by no means necessary its just something I like to do and now I can without overtraining.) For example I wrote a month or so ago how I hit 250 snatches in 10 minutes with the 24kg. I was dust after that. Had to lay down. It took everything. Just yesterday I casually did 144 snatches in 5 minutes. Nothing but a little winded.

I saw a comment on another blog regarding PR’s and I want to clarify what that really means. PR stands for personal record. It doesn’t mean you have to max out in your lift in order to get it. It simply means you’ve done more in one way or another than ever before.

Progress is the name of the game in training. And progress comes in the form of PR’s. There is no other way.

So these are my results…so far. I will continue to do this because its working. There is no turning back. I expect over time it will get even better. And I will report on what happens.

On that note, Adam Glass is re-releasing the Grip and Rip DVD’s with even more material that explains how to do all this properly.

When I got started I had lots of questions. It took time to get the feeling and to be doing it right. With these DVD’s you’ll cut the learning curve in half. And then you’ll see these results faster.

No other training information or program out there will give you the capabilities this one does. To listen to your body for your own training. To guide you in how you and only you should be training.

Not to mention I’m actually having even more fun then before with this stuff.


These DVD’s are going to show you everything you need to get started fast. But I was thinking about what I could offer to complement this and I happened on this idea. You see, I learned best by going through the process myself. You can tell me something or show me how it works and I still might not ‘get it’.

Maybe you’re the same?

So I’m going to film my next two workouts and walk you through exactly what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. How I test, when I test, why I test, when I stop my sets, everything I can show you.

These will be made available as online videos on a secret page only for you who order now through this link and forward me your receipt.

Go here and order.

They made a limited number of copies and they’re likely to sell out fast. So if you want this information and my bonus, which is the closest thing I can give you to walking you through it in person, you need to act now.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Hi Logan,
    i have been following your website with interest for some time now, i find your open mindedness & willingness to try new things refreshing to be honest.

    Also your progress & strength feats seems to prove the validity of your approach to strength training if nothing else.

    From reading your articles on biofeedback i bit the bullet & bought the dvds myself, (i was a bit hesitant about the price to be honest, don’t have too much spare cash at the moment).

    I am planning to give it a try for say two months & see what happens, however i am still a little unsure about how to implement it.

    For example i need to increase my muscular endurance in sit ups, pull ups, press ups. Also need to increase my running times so i am going to be testing movements related to these a lot, but also understand that i shouldn’t force myself in this direction if its testing badly.

    I was wondering if i provided a receipt for the dvd whether i could still see the video you created regarding your biofeedback workouts?

    I think i would find this very helpful.

    Keep doing what your doing Logan.


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