Chinese Acrobat Training Video

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This is a long but interesting training video from a few years back. It details a Chinese acrobatics school as they prepare for the biggest acrobatics competition in China.

You may not like what you see. How hard they push the students. But to be the very best sacrifices have to be made.

Also be sure to watch the coaching they give in the moves. You may learn something. (Also beware that there is almost a minute of advertising before the video actually starts.)

Thanks to John for sending this in to me.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


  1. Hi,

    Was just wondering if there was any way we could watch this in England? ‘Cos Hulu doesn’t allow the video to be watched outside the US.



  2. To watch it in the uk there is free software called hotspot shield, it assigns a non region specific ip address to mask where your logging on from

    you need to clear your cache and cookies to clear hulu’s record of your location, restart your browser, turn on hotspot shield and THEN visit the page

    it’s quite convienient and usefull for watching things on fox before they are shown in th uk too !

    But that’s just my suggestion YMMV, it does have a good reputation though 🙂

  3. Author

    Sorry guys I wasn’t aware that Hulu wasn’t available outside the US. I have no experience with it but you can try what Lora explained here.

  4. Even if you are unable to view this there are similar videos available on youtube. The film was much more about the hardships Chinese acrobats have to go through in order to put on a show than gymnastic training.

  5. Hey Logan , have a problem with the hand stand , pls guide me ….am interesting in developing several acrobatical skills

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  7. It’s a pity, but we who live outside USA can’t watch it because of legal rights etc… 🙁

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