Advanced Card Tearing

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I’m been working on my card tearing as my main feat of strength for a few months now. It’s the strongest it’s ever been and here I’ll share two new PR’s.

First up is tearing a mini deck of cards in half.

Tearing a mini deck of cards in half is tougher than a normal deck because of the smaller size giving less space to grip.

Next up is eighthing a deck of cards. That is tearing it in half, then in quarters, then in eighths.

(Note that this is done with one section here, not every section of the deck. That can be done but is much harder.)

Essentially you’re creating a mini deck of cards yourself and then tearing it. This latter feat was the tougher of the two.

For more on card tearing, including the basics see this article.

And for the deep dive, check out David Whitley’s How to Rip a Deck of Cards course.

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