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“Discover The Missing Ingredient
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Not to Mention How You’ll Become Stronger and More Flexiblein Ways Nothing Else Can Compare with Bridging Exercises

Dear Friend,

In the summer of last year, a group of friends and myself were in Spain waiting to go to Pamplona for the running of the bulls. We had several hours before the train would arrive and take us off.

To kill the time we decided to play some football in a nearby park. (Finding an American football in Europe wasn’t easy but that’s a story for another time.)

Since the only place we could find was a field of half grass and half granite, we played two-hand touch rather then tackling each other. Still, being men it was bound to get rough, and highly competitive.

The whole game was a tight battle for the lead, with the three on three action. And it was going smoothly until that ill-fated kickoff.

The kick was high and short. As we scrambled forward to catch it, the other guys were rushing towards us. The ball hit the ground and bounced high up into the air.

I leaped upwards. I don’t know how exactly it happened, or even who hit me, but my feet were taken out from under me sending me spinning. Six feet up in the air I turned over and came crashing down onto the packed ground, the back of my head being the first point of contact. THUMP!!

I’m not gonna lie and say it didn’t affect me. It did. I was stunned and had to take some time out of the game. But within an hour I was fine.

Meanwhile one of my friends pulled a neck muscle by looking over his shoulder for a pass. Seriously!

There are two differences here between me and my friend. One, I fell on my directly on my head from six feet up in the air and he didn’t. Yet I can guarantee I was looking over my shoulder for passes too.

The main difference was my training. I know that much worse would have happened if I hadn’t made my neck and spine more resilient. I would have suffered a concussion or maybe just been knocked out cold on that day.

The question you have to ask yourself is how do you think you’d fair against that shock? Wouldn’t you like to bounce back in just moments?

If you answered yes, read on to discover how you can put a few exercises into action that’ll make you more concussion proof along with much else.

In the US alone, it is reported that 10,500 suffer spinal injuries and a staggering 1,833,000 suffer from a concussion per year. Now there is no way I can eliminate those risks, but there are ways you can help guard yourself against injury. Not only that, you’ll improve your health, strength, flexibility and more.

“The Bridge” – Not Just For Wrestlers or Gymnasts Anymore


The spine is the most important part of your body. If it is not in good shape then you are not in good shape. Anyone who has ever thrown out their back or tweaked their neck knows just how much these injuries can debilitate your life.

Now you can take advantage of all my work in testing in how to amplify your results when bridging. You’ll discover:

  • How to Build Thick Columns of Muscle across the Back like Steel Cables Without Making You as Stiff as a Board.
  • How to Develop a Neck capable of Withstanding the Greatest of Shocks. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but its good to know its there in case you do.
  • Never again sleep wrong and wake up with neck pain or pick up a box and throw out your back.

You might be thinking do I really want to get a course that’s only on bridging. The answer is yes and let me tell you why. These exercises do a lot more for you then just give you a strong neck and spine. You’ll also:

  • Gain Complete Mobility and Stability in the Shoulders along with Strength Coursing Down Your Arms.
  • Increase Whole Body Coordination as you shift from one position to another along with Strong Abs to keep you from collapsing to the ground.
  • Boost Power and Explosiveness in your Legs.
  • Discover how a good bridging workout will tire out your entire body and leave you sopping with sweat. Between the Gymnastic Bridge, the Wrestlers Bridge and all the variations I’ll share with you, you’ll work every single inch of your being.
  • Be able to amaze your friends and family with Incredible Stunts that very few people can do.

Considering how I started so inflexible and weak many years back, its amazing some of the things I can do now. And now you can do it to. This video shows a few moves in the course that are within your reach

If you’ve ever wondered how to do more than just hold a bridge for time then read this entire letter because it will prove there is no limit to what you can do. But even if you’ve never held a bridge in your life, read this letter because you are missing out on two of the greatest exercises ever.

First let’s talk about the Wrestlers Bridge.

The famous strongman George Jowett once said, “In both man and the other male beasts, the neck has always been the true indication of the quality and quantity of his concentrated nerve power. A strong healthy man always has a powerful neck, and he always will have one.”

The wrestlers bridge is a full body exercise. It is not just a neck exercise but it is the best way to build a strong neck, bar none.

I started bridging and worked my way up until a could hold one for over 5 minutes without much effort. A great start but this only got me so far. Plus I was always interested in cutting down the amount of time I needed to spend.

Studying some books by the greatest old time strongmen  I saw a few pictures of them performing some incredible bridging stunts using weights, supporting a number of people, or both.

A bodyweight bridge will become easy for you like it did for me. So I began to add resistance.

Bridging needs to be progressive just like any other part of your body. It’s a simple concept that almost everyone neglects. Time is one method but not the only one.

I quickly found out a few things that no one was teaching. Such as where the weight sits having a dramatic impact on the difficulty of the exercise.

But there was always more to do. George Hackenschimdt ‘The Russian Lion’ performed a world record in the Bridge Press with 311 lbs. With that kind of strength there is no wonder why he was one of the greatest wrestler’s of all time.

How do you get the weight into place? There were clues but no instruction.

But adding weight is only half of it.

There are a number of ways to add resistance or otherwise make bridging harder without adding weight of any kind.

Now the Gymnastic Bridge.

If anything I would say this one more difficult. Not often do you find one move that requires great strength and amazing flexibility.

How would you like to develop the agility of a gymnast?

In my gymnastics class all the girls would perform back walkovers, but our teacher had men do something else like front headsprings. Why was this? Because men aren’t as naturally flexible as the women.

Because of my bridging experience I was able to do this move after some practice. After all it is just a quicker version of falling into a bridge and kicking over. I may never be as graceful as a woman but I was able to figure this one out.

There are so many different moves the combinations are endless. You don’t need to be a contortionist to get started but some people might think you are.

These same gymnastic moves can be done in a wrestlers bridge and vice versa. The sheer variety will keep you occupied for a long time.

Nerve Power To Strengthen Your Whole Body

What was Jowett talking about when he said ‘nerve power‘?

Think about how your body works. Every single time you want to make a movement a signal is sent from your brain, via the spinal cord, to the muscles telling them to contract.

The messenger is amazingly fast and you don’t need to consciously think about it to function. But what about the ‘highway’ it uses to travel?

If you allow it to fall to pieces it will be no wonder you lose all kind of athletic ability as you grow old. But what if the ‘highway’ is kept in the best shape ever?

Not only will there be no problem in sending messages but the energy and force of the message you send can transition over to every other muscle in a stronger way.

This means bridging will help you to become stronger everywhere.

Introducing the Advanced Bridging Course

I call this a course for a good reason. This is the complete package. Four DVD’s with two each covering the wrestlers and gymnastic bridges.

Wrestler’s Bridge Disc 1 (A $97 Value)

In this first disc you’ll quickly discover how to get your wrestler’s bridge up to par. From there we launch into the best exercises you’ll learn for building a powerful neck. Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • Three methods of increasing your flexibility in the Wrestler’s bridge. Get your nose to the mat with three times the speed.
  • George Jowett’s favorite exercise for building mass on the neck, that’ll also give you huge reserves of strength.
  • Where a weight rests on you DOES matter. And it can make a huge difference. Find out the four spots, which are the hardest, and which are the easiest.
  • WARNING: If your ears are ringing you need to stop. Find out how to avoid this issue.
  • Only have a light weight to use? Get the best bang for your buck with these two ‘light weight’ exercises.
  • How to Pull a weight into place for holds and presses. If you can’t get a weight into place you miss out of two of the best exercises.
  • The Secrets of getting a large weight overhead. Do you want to go after Hackenshmidt’s record? With this method you’ll be able to get a hefty barbell up where a pullover would fail.
  • Side-to-Side neck movements. How to use them and what to look out for.
  • Take the front bridge to its conclusion. The best move for the front of your neck and a killer ab exercise as well.
  • Crown of your head or forehead? Find out why its not always the same answer and when you should be using what for best results.
Incredible Information with Effective ExercisesHey Logan,

I just received your Advanced Bridging Course and I have to say “Whoa!” You really put incredible information into this course that I needed. I have been working on back, core strength for a couple months now and have recently turned to my neck for total back exposure. I have been studying George Jowett as well myself and it is awesome that you have involved his work into yours.

I have done several neck roll bridging workouts now. I have to say it is a lot more effective than I thought it would be. Before I got your course I was doing fifty reps of bridging with hands for assistance, then I tried without hands and only got fifteen. Really big change. I know what I need to work on now. Thanks for making this incredible course!

  • Michael Goebel

Wrestler’s Bridge Disc 2 (A $97 Value)

The second DVD shows you how to do all the dynamic wrestler’s bridging moves whether you are using your hands or just on your head alone. If you move around in the wrestler’s bridge its right here.

  • You’ll NEVER stand up out of a wrestler’s bridge without your feet in the right place. Discover where to position them to make this move almost easy.
  • The Kneeling Back Bend is a tremendous exercise for ab strength and control.
  • Wall Walking is a fine exercise. But are you aware of all the small changes that can be made to make this exercise easier or harder, what’s most effective for you?
  • You can’t progress the same way kicking over in a bridge with your hands versus without. Find out the way to work up to the head alone bridge kickover.
  • Twist from the wrestler’s bridge to a front bridge and back. For a neck as strong as a wrestler’s. Find out how its done so you don’t feel like your twisting your head off.
  • Stiff in the upper back? This exercise has no equal in opening up the area.
  • The Kick Back can Cut Your Workout Time in Half while Doubling the Intensity.
I’ve been immensely enjoying the Advanced Bridging Course, and have worked from a 30 second gymnastic bridge to 1 minute and a half. I’m currently working on the kick over and it’s been a blast. I like the feeling of the stretch after practicing bridges and have been recommending it to my partner.

  • Jane Suos, Australia

Gymnastic Bridge Disc 1 (A $97 Value)

Find out the foundational moves of the gymnast bridge in this first video. How to master your basic position, getting into the bridge, and advanced holds that’ll work you to the core. Find out:

  • The Three Basic Exercises that’ll give you the Back and Shoulder Flexibility you need to get up into a Perfect Gymnast Bridge in no time.
  • Make Reverse Pushups a breeze, even the One-Arm Variation, by a slight shifting your weight.
  • A seldom seen bridging movement that I learned from Yoga that requires even more shoulder flexibility than the hand bridge. Can you do it?
  • The Plough is a must do move after you train. Use these variations to stretch your back out in the opposite way to even out your spine.
  • What’s harder than a gymnast bridge? Removing one of your four limbs. Why this is one of the best exercises and how you can get the most benefit from it.
  • Twist from the front to the back in a hand bridge. One of the best moves for shoulder strength and stability as it works you through a wide range of motion.
  • Use the ‘Around the Clock’ Exercise to build a powerful gymnast bridge. This one’s so tough you’ll be on the ground in a matter of minutes if not seconds.
  • Take your Bridge for a stroll. How the Bridge Walk far out performs a Crab Walk.
  • The One Exercise that’ll help You Quickly Gain the Ability to Fall Into and Stand Up out of a Bridge.
  • There are many ways to get into a bridge. Have you done the sit-to-bridge move?
I watched your Advanced Bridging Course and all I got to say is…..WOW!!!!!!The things you demonstrated were in complete detail and some of them were just jaw-dropping. I’ve been a bridging trainee for over 3 years now and always wondered if there ever was going to be a course on this subject since I‘ve seen just a few exercises in other books using bridging exercises.

I love the course and i’ve been practicing certain exercises like your “Around The Clock.” Although an awesome course it will a bit more difficult to do since I’am a heavyweight at 225+ pounds at a couple inches short of 6′. I love a good challenge and I believe one day i’ll be doing crazy stunts like you have. This is amazing work and you did a great job doing some of the most difficult feats I’ve ever witnessed. Congratulations, and I believe this will be a successful course.

  • Ben Bergman
    Santa Cruz, CA

Gymnastic Bridge Disc 2 (A $97 Value)
The second disc covers the more advanced acrobatic moves with the gymnastic bridge. With this information you’ll be flipping and spinning around in no time.

  • Think the kickover is easy? Try these variations: two legs, strict one leg, and to a handstand.
  • How anyone can work up to a Front and Back Walkover using what they’ve already learned.
  • How to combine the gymnastic moves for quick work and maximum agility. Think a burpee is hard? Try the Fall-Kick-Back-Stand combo.
  • How to do the Valdez – A move straight from gymnastics putting you onto your feet from a sitting position via the bridge
  • Falling Into the Bridge can be a piece of cake by following these simple steps
  • Make Standing Up out of a Bridge as easy as getting out of a chair.
Recently started gymnastics as an adult and needed some guidance to find the best way to progress. After only two weeks of studying and applying the knowledge in this amazing course I am considerably closer to falling into a bridge, and I can already support my wife and two cats in the gymnastic bridge!

  • Lennart Nilsen
    Kleive, Norway

The Bridging Workbook (A $97 Value)
Plus a 70+ page workbook to layout all the details including the simple ways to make each exercise easier or harder to suit your level. This book covers everything in the videos and more. On top of what has already been discussed you learn:

  • How to Kickover from Any Bridge. The Step-by-Step Progressions to follow giving you Powerful and Flexible Kicking Ability making this move a snap.
  • The Single Most Powerful ‘Foot Trick’ you can do to make All Bridging Moves Easier.
  • Several methods and spots you can use to Support People. No other way can you add large amounts of weight faster.
  • How to use momentum to your advantage for any and all explosive moves.
  • The Six Must-Follow Rules of Safe Bridging. Break these at your own risk.
  • Methods of stringing exercises together to work quickly and efficiently.
  • 13 of my real life workouts and more ideas I’ve used and become stronger and more agile.
  • How to put together all these exercises in a workout for maximum benefit. What to go after depending on your level – beginner, intermediate, advanced.
I have just started my training in the wrestlers bridge…about one month ago, and I am able to hold it for 2 minutes. I have also experimented with weights (dumbbells). I’m only at 35-40 lbs but am working on increasing that. I’ll let you know as I progress. I have also almost been able to touch my nose to the ground. I can touch my nose with a bit of light support from my hands but I would like to be able to do it free handed. I actually am really pleased with the info and it’s presentation. I was very surprised to see that for the most part i could do all the exercises just from looking at the book. Usually for me with physical movement that is not the case. I almost always need to see some one do it but the way each exercise was explained was very clear and easy to understand.

  • Amy Bondanella
    Cheektowaga, New York

“Yes, but what about..?”

I figured you had a couple questions. Here’s five of the most common questions I’ve received along with their answers.

Q: I’ve never bridged before. Is this course right for me?

A: Yes, beginner exercises are covered. You may not be able to use 75% of the exercises right away but you’ll make quick progress by following the first few exercises. Much faster progress then you make just going it alone. Remember, I started out stiff and weak. Learn from my mistakes and my successes.

I wanted to try a body weight exercise for my back after having back aches from a combination of old injuries and a desk job. Lack of strength and flexibility was the biggest obstacle at the start. Old injuries have caused issues as well (shoulder and upper back). This is a great course for learning how to go from no bridge skills to advanced bridging. It is very clearly written and easy to follow.

  • Brent Toon
    New Brunswick, Canada

Q: Doesn’t the wrestlers bridge compress you spinal vertebrae?

A: Everyday your spine is being compressed by gravity. Simply bending one way will make your vertebrae close down on one side and opens the other. Bridging actually opens up your spine making it more healthy and vital if you do it the right way. This is why you should always end a bridging workout with the plough. The easy answer is that if bridging screwed up your neck or back I’d be a cripple by now.

I have been using, enjoying and benefiting from “Advanced Bridging”. That is AWESOME! My back feels GREAT. Thanks for the great product. I’ll be checking out your website soon to see the other products you have.

  • Ed Mulreany

Q: Isn’t adding weights to bridging dangerous?

A: In short, yes. Any form of exercise is potentially dangerous. There are things you must do in order to stay safe. This certainly isn’t something you should charge blindly into and that’s why I lay out everything you need to know in this course. I have done some stupid moves and pushed the boundaries even hurting myself on occasion (I tell you how I did it and how to avoid it in the course). You get the benefits of my experience and stupidity. Plus adding weights is just a piece of the action.

Q: I’m old, young, female, or any other number of things that might make me think bridging is not right for me. Will this course benefit me?

A: I have a question for you. Do you want a strong, healthy back and neck? Then yes you can get the benefits. Just to prove it to you, here’s what one 63-year old man is saying about the course.

Hi Logan,Just to tell you I received the bridging course last Friday and went through it several times over the weekend. Verdict: excellent!

I’ve been bridging for several years now, having learned from Matt Furey (my mentor). I do bridges everyday and my workout is as follows: Wall walk 6 times end in wrestler’s bridge and stay there for 3 minutes then push straight up into gymnastic bridge for a further 3 minutes then end up with kick overs from a wrestler’s bridge again usually going for 5 reps one day and 10 the next. Also on alternate days I do neck stretches from a headstand position.

I lost my nerve with the falling into a bridge and sometime back I did just that and FELL BACK INTO A BRIDGE! – the landing was painful. Anyway I say that to say this; your course here has inspired me to once again to progress each of the disciplines to the next level and to get my finger out and fall into that damn bridge again!

The course is fully comprehensive and full of so much detail. Also, as you claim in your promotional material it is for everyone from beginner to advanced levels.

You are a class act Logan and I look forward to more of your materials.

  • Nigel Stewart

Q: Is bridging right for everyone?

A: No it isn’t. If you have fused disks or have had surgery on your back this may be the wrong choice for you. Always consult with your physician before starting any exercise program. That being said I have heard stories of a man with several fused disk who finally stopped having back pain because he began bridging. It’s something you are going to have to figure out yourself.

Finally got it after 18 months of training!!! I know my moves are ugly because of the stiff shoulders, but still…Awesome damn program, Logan. Now, I’m gonna work on cleaning it up. But seriously, this program did so much for my tumbling. You should see me connect handsprings when I do open gym w my daughter. Thanks again!!!

  • ravis Brown, Tennessee

“Okay Logan, I want the Advanced Bridging Course so what’s it cost?”

This includes everything you see on the right. All four DVD’s and the workbook, a total value of $485.00. Even though the sum is greater than the parts you won’t have to pay that much for this information.

And you can get it almost for half the price of the total value. Right now you can claim your Advanced Bridging Course digital version for just $99.

You won’t be able to find this level of information anywhere else, and certainly not all in one place. If you want to go through years of trial and error that is your choice. You certainly won’t be getting much help. Sure you can hire a gymnastics coach to help you with a few moves. Look back at pictures of old-time strongmen and try to decipher why and how they did what they did. Even with all that you won’t get everything laid out in a simple to follow manner as its presented here.

Think about the strong and flexible body you can soon have. About all the incredible moves you can master using these step-by-step methods. If you look you can see that this is costs less than 42 cents each day for a year. But the truth is you will benefit from these exercises for far longer than a year. The techniques and moves you learn in this course will keep you in awesome shape for the rest of your life.
Your bridging course is FANTASITC!!!I had pain in my right arm and shoulder and my doctors thought it was a tennis elbow and shoulder impingement but after observing the pain and trying out some things, I found that those pains seem to come from my cervical spine.

After buying your bridging course and training this stuff, the pain has released by about 70-80% (depending on what I do and in which position I sleep obviously) and my pressing power has come back again also to about 80% of what it was before. It’s still not completely gone but it’s getting better all the time 🙂

Thanks a lot!!! Best wishes from Germany

  • Kay Kraemer

That’s why for this course I am willing to go out on a limb and guarantee you that you get the results I promised. And if in three months you haven’t made progress you’re happy with you can send it back for a full refund.

Discover all the benefits that bridging can bring you by ordering your copy today.


Digital Course Only $99

100% 3-month Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t feel like this book is worth every penny you can get a full refund no questions asked. Just return it and we’ll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. The truth is if for some reason this book doesn’t dramatically help you gain unbelievable handstand skills, I don’t want your money and will happily give it back.

Good Luck and Good Bridging,

Logan Christopher

P.S. Just imagine days from now when you’re putting these new bridging exercises to use in your workouts. As the endorphins rush throughout your body after a great set. You’ll know you’re building that strength and flexibility that is rightfully yours. What are you waiting for…Get it now!

P.S.S. And here’s a review from a Chiropractor.

Just got it yesterday,I was real tight in my upper thoracics after work, and did a set of wall walks, felt a lot better! I’m already wall walking below the door knob now, after a few little tips I picked up from watching the first time thru. Also achieved a better bridge today than I’ve ever been able to do previously. 

  • Dr. Peter Ryan
    Anchorage OK