Achieve this Ultimate of Acrobatic Skills and
Gain the Ability to WOW Anyone

Of all the acrobatic moves out there the back flip, or back tuck, is probably the coolest. Whenever I do them those who watch always exclaim how awesome it is.

While you can learned the form of a back flip in many places, its actually quite useless to you. Instead you need to learn the processes for gaining the skill in performing this movement. In this book I offer you not just one step-by-step system, but several. Contains:

  • Back Flip Form
  • Optional Equipment Used for Back Flips
  • 9 Step System I Used to Master the Backflip
  • How to do it Without Spotters or Equipment
  • How to do a Back Handspring
  • The Correct Way to Spot a Backflip
  • The Fast-Track Method
  • 8 Methods of Advanced Back Flipping
  • 2  Surefire Ways to Overcoming Fears
  • How to achieve the back flip without being perfect

This short book is just under 40 pages, jam-packed with the knowledge you need to gain this skill.


Learn How to Backflip in 31 Days eBook for $7.95

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