9 Methods of Unleashing Your BERZERKER STATE to Accelerate the Weight You Can Lift By Properly Psyching Up

BerzerkerLoganWhen many people think about weight lifting they imagine someone getting psyched up to do it.

But outside of powerlifting and perhaps strongman, is this really done so much?

I’d say there are three groups of people.

1) Those that do some form of psyching, by getting angry or slapping themselves.

Unless you do this yourself, you probably fall into the second group.

2) Those that don’t psych up because they think its stupid or useless.

But then you miss the benefits that properly psyching up can bring. There’s more to it than just being angry…

3) Those that properly psych up, at the right times, because they actually know what they’re doing.

Sadly, I’d say few people are in group #3. But here is your guide on how to do exactly that.

Your Short and Extremely Actionable Guide

The 28 page guide shows you in all of the following.

  • The Sports Psychology Idea of an Arousal Level
  • How to make Music work best for you
  • When to Psych and When NOT To
  • What Pre-Workout Supplements can do for you
  • How to Breathe for More Power
  • How to Change Your Physiology and Walking to Become More Powerful
  • How to Hack Your Visualization for More Power
  • Going Super Saiyan
  • Is Anger the Right Emotion to Use?
  • How to Keep Things Easy while lifting Massive Weights
  • The Similarities and Differences between Psyching Up and Mental Toughness
  • And More

Once you’ve learned these you’re going to be able to ride a workout at a smooth “6” or jack it all the way up to 11 on command (yes, that‘s a Spinal Tap reference).

If you compete you’ll better be able to turn it “on” when the event comes up, and “off” for the rest of the time.

There‘s not one right way to psych up but several. Using the modeling skills of NLP I believe I’ve provided a more in-depth look at the “art of psyching” than you’ll find anywhere else.

The hidden benefit is that this guide doesn’t JUST teach you how to psych, but how to control your state in many more situations too…

BIG BONUS: 30 Minute Walkthru Video

In addition you’ll get to see everything in action. There’s no better way to learn than hand’s on. Since I can’t train you live I take you live into a training session myself where each trigger for psyching is used.

You get to watch me set a new squat partial PR through the power of the Berzerker State. In fact, it was a 170 lb PR!

Berzerker State Video

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But today you can get it for only $19.95 downloadable immediately or just a little for the real book. (Note that the video comes as a download, with either version.)

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