Histories’ Strongest Men Reveal All their Secrets to You

Get 12 Classics on Strength and Health Added to Your Library

With this bundle you’ll have a far greater understand of what it takes to become truly strong and healthy then even most trainers out there.

This includes:

  • Thomas Inch on Strength
  • Muscle Building by Earle Liederman
  • Secrets of Strength by Earle Liederman
  • The Way to Live by George Hackenschmidt
  • System of Physical Training by Eugen Sandow
  • The Key to Might and Muscle by George Jowett
  • The Strongest Man that Ever Lived (Louis Cyr) by George Jowett
  • The Amazing Samson by Alexander Zass
  • Mighty Goerner by Edgar Mueller
  • Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture by Farmer Burns
  • Maxalding by Monte Saldo
  • Vitality Supreme by Bernarr MacFadden

All these books will be shipped to you in hard copy for your reading pleasure so you can easily participate in the Physical Culture Book Club all year long. In the book club you’ll be able to ask questions, join the discussion and learn even more as we dive into one book each month.

If you bought these titles individually you would pay more than here. But if you order now you can get the whole bundle for just $197.

And when you sign up today I’ll throw in two extra books as a bonus for saying thank you!

  • How to Develop a Powerful Grip by Edward Aston
  • Bosco System of Progressive Physical Training by Harry Paschall

Only $197 for 14 Books!