“Learn How to Master the Front and Back Lever in 6 Simple Steps”

Do you want to step up into the big leagues? Lever training is where its at. These two moves, the back and front lever, require full body strength and a lot of it.

In this video from the 3rd Super Human Workshop, I taught lever training in full detail. Every step and trick I used to to master the back lever.

I haven’t held a solid front lever yet, but will likely get it some time in the near future. And these are the methods I’ll use to hit it.

Each move has 6 steps from basics just about everyone can do, up to the full move.

In addition, there are many extra exercises as well like this one on back lever leg raises. Warning: This is an advanced exercise.

You’ll learn:

  • Why the Lever is one of the best exercises you can do!
  • The 6 Steps to Mastering the Front Lever
  • The 6 Steps to Mastering the Back Lever
  • Dynamic Front and Back Lever Exercises
  • Different Grips. How Rings or Bars Change the Exercise
  • Training – What it takes to do this exercise
  • Removing the Arch and Getting Straight in a Back Lever
  • And much more

You won’t find this sort of information outside of gymnastics, if you can even find it there. This course is a single DVD totaling 55 minutes filmed in a live workshop setting all about these exercises and training them.

Grab it now while its still available.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

“Its teaching me step by step how to do a front lever, an awesome maneuver which I am progressing towards week by week. I’ve seen a Increase in Ab Strength and agility on when using gymnastic rings. The video is fine in it’s current format plenty of detail in the instruction.”
-Isaac Sandalijan

Front and Back Lever Training
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