Growth Hormone has been called
The Fountain of Youth

Growth hormone got its name as its active in growing children and at puberty. But beyond the age of 30, like testosterone, it begins to dropoff. Yet research has proven that when at optimal levels it works to increase just about every health marker.

  • Age DeclineIncreased Fat Loss
  • More GH typically leads to better Testosterone
  • Better Sexual Function
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity
  • Lowers Cortisol
  • Improved Muscularity
  • Better Skin and Collagen Production
  • Better Use of Protein
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Improved Recovery
  • Strengthens Bones and Bone Marrow
  • Immune Protection
  • Lessens Pressure on the Liver
  • Better Concentration and Memory
  • Increased Energy
  • Restoring Lost Hair
  • Increased Cardiac Output
  • Better Vision
  • Normalized Blood Pressure
  • Enhances Availability of Vitamin D
  • Helps Depression
  • Longer Telomeres

More growth hormone basically means younger. 

But forget expensive injections and the risks of side effects. Within Upgrade Your Growth Hormone you’ll learn everything you need to know to trigger your body’s own production. While the main focus is growth hormone, you can’t talk about just one hormone.

  • Growth Hormone (GH)
  • Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 and 2 (IGF-1 and IGF-2)
  • Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH)
  • Growth Hormone  Inhibiting Hormone (GHIH)
  • Various Growth Factors

The Four BIG Factors in GH Release

#1 – Sleep

#2 – Fasting

#3 – Exercise

#4 – Secretagogues

Each one of these is broken down by the science and what works to show you specific steps to follow to optimize the results. You’ll discover what you need to do and what you need to avoid in Upgrade Your Growth Hormone…

  • Upgrade Your Growth HormoneThe Relationship of Growth Hormone to Testosterone [pg. 6]
  • Differences Between Men and Women [pg. 6]
  • Blood Testing Levels (and why blood testing may NOT be the best option) [pg. 8]
  • The Health of Your Glands [pg. 10]
  • Minerals and Vitamins to Support Your Pituitary [pg. 11]
  • The Liver as an Endocrine Organ [pg. 12]
  • Why “Growth” is Misleading and the Best Way to Think about GH [pg. 12]
  • Important: Growth Hormone is CATABOLIC in this Way [pg. 13]
  • The Most Critical Part of Sleep for GH [pg. 14]
  • How Exercise Might Make Up for Lack of Sleep?! [pg. 16]
  • Ghrelin, the Hunger Hormone, and How it Triggers GH Release [pg. 17]
  • Intermittant Fasting vs. 24 Hour Fasts vs. Longer Fasts [pg. 18]
  • Carbs vs. Fat. Which is better for GH? [pg. 18]
  • The #1 Factor in Training when it comes to Growth Hormone [pg. 19]
  • When to go Explosive and When to go Slow [pg. 19]
  • My Absolute Favorite GH Exercise [pg. 20]
  • 12 Other Great Exercises [pg. 20]
  • Three Different Training Methods Awesome for GH [pg. 21]
  • Ideal Training Time and Frequency [pg. 21]
  • Specific Amino Acid Dosages and Stacks to Use [pg. 22]
  • 11 Amino Acids and Their Effects on GH [pg. 23]
  • Getting these Amino Acids from Food [pg. 24]
  • Niacin’s Effects on GH [pg. 25]
  • 3 Top GH and IGF-1 Herbs [pg. 26]
  • Few Know that This Practice Can Boost GH as Much as 16-Fold [pg. 28]
  • The Dietary Growth Hormone You Need to Avoid [pg. 29]
  • And Much More

Stacking the Odds in Your Favor

We’ll go further to show you how stacking these tips and tricks can lead to even greater GH boosts than by any one tactic by itself.

But we also show how some common practices to do this may be wrong!

Which herb can do this to Growth Hormone and Testosterone?

Which herb can do this to Growth Hormone and Testosterone?

Growth Hormone Action Checklist

Finally we break it down into 25 action steps you can take found on page 32.

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