How to Identify, Use and Change 20 Mental Frames forTraining and Diet Success

An Essential Skill Especially if You Train Clients

These frames work as perceptual filters for how we absorb information about the world, and then how we act off of that information.

Often we fall into the trap of assuming that other people think like us. Unfortunately this is not the case. Perhaps you’ve wondered why you can deliver such great results to one client but can’t even work with another. Without knowing this information you’re in the dark.

Not only are we unique physically but mentally as well. Here you’ll discover just what makes you tick and how you can leverage your “mental frames ” for faster gains in the gym. Physical Assessments are all the Rage Today, but what about Mental Assessments?

Trainers and Coaches: You’ll gain the skills to Effortlessly Motivate Your Clients to help them get better results too. You’ll also learn what it takes to change your frame and then change your outcome

You’ll gain intimate knowledge of what a Driver Program is and how this can be used to Make or Break you.

For each of the 20 programs you’ll find the following:

  • A detailed breakdown on what the different programs are. Some are polar opposites, others have several different options.
  • You’ll understand the benefits and drawbacks of each program
  • You’ll get detailed questions you can ask yourself or a partner to elicit what your programs are.
  • You’ll see how this information can be used with clients to get them better and more enjoyable results

Here are a few of the contexts in which this program focuses to deliver greater success to you.

  • Preparing to Workout
  • In the Workout Itself
  • Warmups
  • Training Other Attributes of Fitness (for instance flexibility, mobility, endurance)
  • Sports Performance
  • Mental Training
  • Competition
  • Learning
  • Eating & Nutrition

“I gained personal insight plus a better understand of others.” – Ryan Blackburn

“Good mental awareness of my own and others mental states. I learned how to use them for personal improvement and applying them to help others towards their goals.” – Ryan Pitts

“I learned how I sabotage myself through my thoughts & beliefs. I learned ways to turn things around in my head.” – Laurel Blackburn

“I got great awareness about myself and others.” – Eric Guttman

“I actually use this fully with all my friends, although I did not realize that was what I was doing.” – Melody Scheonfeld

“Really good hints to help myself + clients approach mental and physical challenges. Also really like the types of questions we had to answer and interpret.” – Adrienne Harvey

“The Mental Frames segment helped me to return and better serve the people I train by helping me to see them within their way of looking at the world” – Frank Dimeo

“I learned things about myself that I’ve never looked at from that point of view before! I learned that I was WAY TOO Aggressive against & towards my clients that paid me to train them, and NOW I know that I should definitely NOT do that anymore in the future. As that is bad for business & won’t make me as much $$$ If I just relaxed more and am more laid back with my clients!” – Matti Marzel

In strength,This program comes from the Super Human Training Workshop #2 which people paid up to $1000 to attend (not to mention flight and hotel costs). It’s two DVD’s with a companion workbook.

In strength,
Logan Christopher



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