Health Sovereign Podcast

The focus is around health. A major part of the problem is our very limited (reductionistic, materialist) way of looking at health. Most see it as the absence of disease. I see health as adaptability to handle greater and greater levels of stressors, physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. Many are solo while others have guests.

This is my current podcast. Click over to the dedicated website to find all episodes.

Below you’ll find the many podcasts and episodes I’ve been a guest on over the years. (Updated regularly.)


Great Awake Coach

Great Awake Coach Podcast: Logan Christopher from Lost Empire Herbs – 9/7/22

Hosted by Coach Bradley. This podcast episode of is full of amazing gems. We talk adaptogens, becoming physically strong, engineered collapse and more.

Finding Genius Podcast

How You Can Optimize Your Health By Supplementing With These Potent Herbal Extracts – 8/22/22

Hosted by Richard Jacobs. In this episode we go in to detail about how herbs can optimize the hormonal system and all of the other benefits. We also talk about Pine Pollen and more.


The Tribe Builders

Improving Your Health Using Herbs With Logan Christopher – 7/26/21

Hosted by Mitch Russo. In this episode, we go into detail about my unconventional thinking and philosophies and how that relates to Lost Empire Herbs and Legendary Strength. We also talk a bit about my tribe, CRM systems, and more.

Finding Genius Podcast

Discovering the Effects of High Quality Herbal Supplements and Health – 7/5/21

Hosted by Richard Jacobs. This was a fun one! I was asked something I had never been asked in an interview… the history of snake oil! We talk about the philosophy of scientism as it relates to health and sickness, and so much more in this 30-minute episode.

CardioCast CoolDown

Enough Strength and Mental Training to Pull a Fire Truck w/Logan Christopher – 6/10/21

Hosted by Doug Lotz. In this episode we discuss my journey into becoming a herbalist, strongman, and entrepreneur. We also talk about what inspire me along the way, Lost Empire Herbs, NLP training and so much more.


The Dr. Tommy John Podcast

Interview with Renaissance Life Enhancer Logan Christopher – 12/9/20

Hosted by Dr. Tommy John. We dive into the COVID-19 pandemic, herbs and psychedelics, human connection, health, mental toughness and more in this episode.

The Medicin

Better sex, better sleep + better workouts naturally through “Performance Herbalism,” with Logan Christopher of Lost Empire Herb – 11/2/20

Hosted by Mimi Lindquist. In this episode, I discuss my journey with ancient herbs and how I fell in love with them. I also discuss and define performance herbalism. We go into the pros and cons of powders vs tinctures and a lot more!

Summit for Wellness

#119 – Using Potent Herbs to Enhance Performance with Logan Christopher – 7/23/20

Hosted by Bryan Carroll. In this episode, I go in-depth about herbs. We talk about the differences between high potency herbs and regular herbs, performance herbalism, and some of my favorite herbal products for optimal performance.

Dr. Eric’s Relentless Vitality

The Healing Power of Herbs, Feats of Strength and More with Logan Christopher of Lost Empire Herbs – 7/7/20

Hosted by Dr. Eric. For this episode we really dive deep into herbs, how they can be used and their power.

Just Fly Performance Podcast

#187 Logan Christopher on the Pyramid of Athleticism and Human Performance – 1/30/20

Hosted by Joel Smith. In this episode, I go in depth about how I view training in a layered point of view that I call the “Pyramid of Strength”, which includes mental, training, sleep/recovery, diet, herbs/supplements, and spiritual.


Wavebreak Podcast: Grow Your Shopify Store

#99 Ecommerce Stores: Do This Before Your Ads Get Too Expensive – 12/2/19

Hosted by Dylan Kelly. How would you react if your ad channels disappeared overnight? In this episode, I discuss how I’ve utilized daily emails and email lists instead of ads for sales.

Scale Your Store

Email Marketing Secrets From A 7 Figure Supplement Brand – 10/7/19

Hosted by Danavir Sarria. In this interview, I talk about my journey from fitness guru to supplement business owner, my unconventional email marketing strategy, and way way more.

Run With It – Business Ideas from Successful Entrepreneurs

Upgrading from Disease Care to Health Care with Logan Christopher – 10/3/19

Hosted by Chris Justin and Eathan Janney. In this episode I discuss changing the healthcare paradigm, where healthcare has a more holistic approach to treatment.

Business of eCommerce

Sending Marketing Emails Every Day Without Annoying Your Email List – 10/1/2019

Hosted by Charles Palleschi. In this episode, I discuss the how to my email marketing strategy and how I come up with daily content.

Stay Grounded

Logan Christopher: Using Time in Nature to Fuel an Extraordinary Life – 5/13/19

Hosted by Raj Jana. This episode I go expand upon my relationship with nature, being an emissary of nature and how that can affect and shape how your quality and views of life.

The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

#15 – Holistic Health For Mind, Body and Business with Logan Christopher – 3/26/19

Hosted by Cory Ames. In this episode, I talk about the philosophies of health and nutrition that I’ve developed over my journey and experiences.

Motivation and Muscle – FBC

Logan Christopher Powered By Nature – 1/29/19

Hosted by Joel Smith. This episode, I talk about my book Powered By Nature, and how my journey to the Amazon and learning from the indigenous people contributed.


Motivation and Muscle – FBC

Logan Christopher-Stick With It – 12/4/18

Hosted by Eric Fiorillo. This episode I discuss the correlation of training and success in other areas of my life. We also talk about the benefits of unconventional training and a good belief system to optimize results.

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Just Fly Performance Podcast

#111 Logan Christopher: Flow State Athletic Performance with Anchors, Visualization and Hypnosis – 8/16/18

Hosted by Joel Smith. In this interview, mental training concepts that can be useful in any athletic pursuit (and even outside athletics), which are visualization, hypnosis and anchors.

Stay Grounded

Logan Christopher – The Strongman – 7/28/18

Hosted by Raj Jana. This interview covers a lot of terrain. From how I got started in strength training to holistic health and my career in both. We also talk about my book Powered by Nature and my Amazonian ayahuasca journey.

Path Notes

Strongman Logan Christopher – 6/8/2018

Hosted by Ryan Hadley. We go into detail about different visualization techniques to optimize results for exercising and strength training. We also discuss anchoring.

Motivation and Muscle – FBC

No Justice in Being Weak – 2/2/18

Hosed by Eric Fiorillo. This episode we discuss individual responsibility and accountability for results in learning and training, especially in non-desirable settings.

eCommerce Evolution

Episode 40 – Amazing Feats of Strength and eCommerce Growth with Logan Christopher of Lost Empire Herbs – 1/26/18

Hosted by Brett Curry. We discuss all things eCommerce in this episode. We talk about the importance of email lists and how to grow them, marketing content, long-form sales pages and more!

Your First Thousand Clients

65: Visualizing Success Affects Your Way Of Doing Business with Logan Christopher – 1/22/18

Hosted by Mitch Russo. In this episode, I depth about mental conditioning and how I use visualization techniques to help with the success of my business endeavors.


FunkMMA Strength & Conditioning Podcast

17 – Logan Christopher – How To Develop Mental Strength Using Mental Training – 8/30/17

Hosted by Funk Roberts. We discuss heavily the mental aspects of training in this episode. This includes NLP, visualization techniques, hypnosis, and anchoring.


Motivation and Muscle – FBC

A Winner Never Quits and a Quitter Never Wins – 11/9/16

Hosted by Eric Fiorillo. In this episode, we talk about “quitting” and what that means to us. We also get into the importance of enjoying your workouts and how the classic book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich” helped in my training.

Official Podcast

Podcast with Logan Christopher, Adventures in the Amazon, Mental Muscle and MORE – 10/29/16

Hosted by Adrienne Harvey. We talk about my adventures in the Amazon and what I learned from their indigenous people. We also cover a lot more including nootropics, herbal supplements, and our presentations at the 2nd annual Dragon Door Health and Strength Conference.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Pulling 8,800 Pound Fire Trucks By The Hair, Juggling Flaming Kettlebells, Discovering Underground Herbs & More: Logan Christopher & The Lost Empire Herbs Podcast – 10/12/16

Hosted by Ben Greenfield. We discuss my experience visiting the Amazon and spending time with the indigenous people there. We also talk about the benefits of NLP, hypnosis, and herbal usage for optimal health and strength.

Fitness Hacks Podcast

FHP 11: Logan Christopher Owner Of Legendary Strength And Lost Empire Herbs – 9/24/16

Hosted by Cori Lefkowith. We discuss selling books from the public domain and how I started on the business side with strength training. We also get into balancing health and work life.

Freeing the Body, Freeing the Soul

45. Logan Christopher: Embodying Masculine Energy! – 6/15/16

Hosted by Dr. David Kamnitzer. We talk about the benefits of essential oils, herbs, pollen, etc to our health. We also go into what it means and how to embody being the best man a person can be.


Sero Talk

RWf35: Mentel Muscle with Logan Christopher – 11/3/15

Hosted by Bill Kociaba. In this interview, we discuss my book Mental Muscle and how to overcome mental blocks. We also get into the benefits and dangers of mental toughness.

Official Podcast

Adaptogen Chat with Logan Christopher of Lost Empire Herbs (Formerly Super Man Herbs – 6/3/15

Hosted by Adrienne Harvey. In this episode, we discuss stress management and adaptogens. We also talk about the benefits of consuming powdered herbs.


Official Podcast

Logan Christopher – Strength, Eating bugs, and Some fairly mature topics too – 11/21/14

Hosted by Adrienne Harvey. This is an early episode with the Podcast. We discuss alternative ways and applications to getting to optimum health and strength. We get into the nutrition of eating insect and organs.