Gain Any Skill Faster, Better and More Completely
than You Previously Thought Possible…

Practicing Strength and Movement CoverIt all started when I heard a man named Pavel Tsatsouline state that “Strength is a Skill”.

I read a book and became instantly stronger by applying its principles.

And I kept pushing the envelope. After years spent exploring what that statement really means and how to apply it, investigating various forms of training and mental mastery, this book takes that idea to a whole other level.

Strength isn’t just about training hard. Far from it. In fact, when you understand just how much SKILL enters the equation you’ll be able to get far stronger than you ever imagined possible.

Even if you’re just working to lift a heavy barbell…skill is involved.

And if you do anything a bit more complex or highly technical gymnastic type skills, how you practice is ultimately the determiner of your success.

If you’re reading this my guess is that I don’t have to convince you. Instead I’m just going to layout everything you’ll be gaining from this book:

Chapter 1 – How One Meta-Skill Gives You More Potential Than Any Individual Skill

  • Learn about the difference between Bad Practice vs. Good Practice
  • The art of practicing practice…which can than be applied toward any aim
  • How knowledge can get in your way
  • Another Meta-Skill worth Mastering besides Practice…

Chapter 2 – Strength is a Skill and Movement Genius

  • Where I first learned the idea that “Strength is a Skill” and how reading a book immediately made me stronger
  • Strength is about far more than the muscles. Instead learn to maximize your nervous system
  • Why you may want to avoid “workouts” and instead “Practice” just like the oldtime strongmen did
  • The paradigm shifting ability to make big gains in a single session
  • Skill differences in Gross and Fine Motor Movements
  • How Technique extends past just Good Form on an Exercise
  • IMPORTANT: The Practicing/Training/Testing Continuum

If this book helped you Gain Skill just 10% Faster
what would that be worth to you?

Chapter 3 – The Science of Skill Building

  • An Overview of the Nervous System and How it Works to Create Movement
  • How Getting Started Builds Massive New Neuronal Growth
  • What Myelin is and How it Governs Skill Building
  • How Subconscious Processing Takes Over Many Skills and Why this is a Double-Edged Sword
  • Why Experts aren’t always the Best Teachers
  • The 4 Main Functions of Myelin
  • How Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks…and Achieving the Fast Skill Acquisition of Kids

Chapter 4 – Taking the 80/20 Rule to 10000 Hours for Accelerated Skill Gains

  • What does the 10 Year or 10000 Hour Rule of Skill Building Really Mean…and How 10 Hours might be All You Need!
  • This Single Quality is Far More Important for Ultimate Success than Talent
  • What an Italian Economist showed us about Gaining Skill 5x as Quickly
  • Is it even possible? How to Get Over Half the Result in 4% of the Time
  • The Two Different Types of Skills…and How to Approach Each One Differently (Important!)
  • Understand these Growth Curves of Practicing so You Don’t  Get Discouraged, especially right before a Big Breakthrough

Its Like ‘Hacking’ Your Skill Gain…

Chapter 5 – The Mindset of Practice

  • This Mindset…instead of its Opposite….is Crucial to Skill Gain
  • The Paradox of Attention: End Result vs. The Process
  • How to Think in terms of Past, Present and Future Time Lines to Give You Best Results
  • The 4 Components of the Proper Mindset for Practice
  • Accessing the Flow Channel…and When You DON’T Want it
  • How to Switch from Endless Frustration to Enjoying the Journey

Chapter 6 – Going Deep and Deliberate on Your Practice

  • The 5 Rules of Deliberate Practice
  • The Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Method of Finding the Right Progression for You
  • How Constraints on Your Practice Make it Better
  • How to make the most of Feedback
  • How to break the rule of practice that says it can’t be fun
  • The exact percentage of successful reps for the “Sweet Spot” of practicing
  • What “Project Jedi” (an Amazing Marksmanship Program in the US Army) can teach us about avoiding failure
  • Using the “Success Cycle” for Best Results
  • 11 Words and Qualities that Describe the Most Effective Practice. Would you described your own this way?
  • How to Quantify and Qualify Good Practice
  • A Simple 4-Step Process of Skill Building
  • How to Make Progress Every Single Time

Intimately Understand the Difference Between Great and Poor Practice…
and How to Do More Great Practice

Chapter 7 – 11 More Practice Accelerators

  • Should You Focus on One Thing or More at a time or over time?
  • How to Manipulate Speed, Slower and Faster, for More Effective Practice
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Practicing By Yourself
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Practicing with Others
  • How to use the “Expectation Effect” for Increased Results
  • When Variety is a Good Thing…and When it Can Hurt You
  • How Frequent Should Your Practice Be?
  • Can the Primacy, Recency and Zeigarnick Effects Help you?
  • Gain Skills by both  Chipping Away and with Big Upgrades
  • How to use Fatigue in a Way that actually Benefits You
  • Using Gamification to Enhance Your Practice
  • The Upward Expanding Spiral and Hitting SAP’s
  • How to Overcome Plateaus as well as stay Motivated when you Hit Them

Chapter 8 – Entering Your Optimal “Practice Mode”

  • How to Maximize Your Practice…Before You Even Begin
  • Getting into the Right State, Your Own “Practice Mode”
  • Operationalizing the Practice of Practice
  • Simple Drill for Reliving and Anchoring Your Best Practice Sessions from the Past
  • The Practice Mode Amplifier to for an Optimal State every time?

The Combination of Immediately Actionable Drills as Well as
Big Picture Concepts Optimizes Your Practice Completely

Chapter 9 – Supercharging Your Mental Processes and Awareness

  • How to Hack the Mental Coding of Our Skills
  • Most People do Visualization Wrong. Learn these steps to get better results each time.
  • Engineering Awareness into Your Skills
  • How to do the Instant Skill Enhancer
  • How to Activate Muscle Memory…That You’ve Never Had Before!

Chapter 10 – Mirrors, Movies and the Visual Triangle

  • What Mirror Neurons are…and their Importance in Training Skills
  • How you can sit on your butt and still get better!
  • Creating your personal Mirror Neuron Training for Free with Youtube
  • The value of videoing your own practice
  • Signal Speed Skill Supercharger
  • Amplifying Your Visualization with your Imagination
  • Constructing a High Definition Mental Blueprint
  • Using the 3 Perceptual Positions
  • The Visual Triangle Practice Method

What a Bunch of Monkeys Watching a Man Eat Gelato
taught us all about a Weird Way we can Gain Skills

Chapter 11 – Cue the Music

  • How to Utilize the Most Neglected Sensory Channel of Any Exercise or Fitness
  • The Best Way to Use Music in Your Training
  • Inducing Alpha or Theta Brain Waves for Different Training Effects
  • Monitoring…and Upgrading…your Internal Dialog
  • Metronomes and Cadence Training

Chapter 12 – Practicing “Outside” of Practice

  • The Optimal Way to Conclude your Practice Sessions
  • Skill Boosts from Napping
  • Making Your Dreams Work for You
  • Use these Kind of Fats for Better Myelin (you probably haven’t even heard of one of these!)
  • Optimal Levels of Vitamins and Minerals May Help Build Better Skills
  • Using Nootropics for Practice Benefits

For Ultimate Results its Not Just About When You Practice…

Chapter 13 – The Myth of Perfect Form

  • Form as Progression
  • When Perfect Form can Hurt You…and “Bad” Form Doesn’t
  • The Only 3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When it Comes to Exercise Form
  • Why You Should Never Think Your Technique is Flawless

Chapter 14 – Separating the Wannabees from the Greats with Higher Frames Governing Practice

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how they govern practicing
  • The Neurological Levels of Change Model from Robert Dilts and what it means for your practice
  • How to setup your Ideal Practice Environment
  • Accessing the Childlike State
  • Transforming Beliefs and Values regarding Practice
  • Building the Right Identity
  • Channeling Spirit for The Highest Levels of Skill
  • Worksheet for Optimizing and Aligning the Neurological Levels

How Far You Take Your Skills is Up to You…

Chapter 15 – The Road to Mastery

  • A Good Model for Mastery
  • As important as what you want is…you also need to look at what you’ll give up
  • How Long Term Thinking About Your Practice means Faster Skill Gain Today!
  • The Magic Combination of skill superchargers done time and time again
  • The Value of Getting Paid to Practice
  • The Intuition of a Master
  • More Efficiency in Practice as Time Goes On

Chapter 16 – Coaching on All Levels

  • The 6 Different Levels of Coaching
  • What makes a Good Mentor or Coach?
  • Why an Average Coach starting out may be all you need
  • How to Internalize Your Coaches

The Result of 10 Years of Training and Thousands of $$$$$ Spent

If only I had this book when I got started training…it didn’t exist so I had to create it.

Its the result of studying not just top trainers and coaches in the field, but going far outside of it like using the models and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming to dive deeper into great practice.

“Practicing Strength and Movement is not only full of actionable information, but extremely motivational. I felt inspired as I read page to page constantly stopping to take notes and think about the concepts Logan puts forward. The best example of results I have seen since reading this book is the other day in my Science and Application of Exercise lab several friends and I were goofing off and challenging each other to different yoga moves. My friend asked if I could do a handstand- which I hadn’t trained in months. I used the activating muscle memory I never had exercise- plus for good measure I added in some second person visualization and actually set a handstand PR! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to increase their strength or skill in just a few moments and for the rest of their lives.”
-Zack Zeller

“Logan’s guide teaches how we learn new skills and what happens physically below our surface when it happens. His guide shows something your parents, teachers and coaches never told you! I use this guide’s guidelines and drills personally for my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission/No-Gi wrestling, MMA and other physical culture training. It’s now much easier for me to learn new techniques and lift heavier weights in the gym. Everything works for you too if you just ACT.
– Tomas Valverde

“I’ve found the Practice book very interesting; I initially read it through and applied to doing a full dead hang pull up (palms pronated); I couldn’t do even one dead hang, and now I can do 3 consecutive (returning to full dead hang at the bottom)! Although I’ve worked hard on my pull ups in a variety of ways, I’m pretty sure the drills helped there! I’m a rock climber, fairly new at it (about 9 months) so the pull ups are a means to an end to get better. 😉 I’m about to re-read the book with 2 new goals in mind: dynamic moves in climbing (aka dynos, where you have to leap to catch a hold) and I’ve also recently taken up the harmonica, which is a great instrument! I’ll keep you posted on my progress in both of these!”
– Nick Scholfield

This isn’t some fluffy feel good read. Many of the books on “practicing and skills” out there sadly are. I know because I’ve read them all.

Practicing Strength and Movement is about immediately actionable information. There are tons of drills you can do to improve your practice TODAY!

Bonus: Signal Speed Skill Supercharger
A $39 Value Yours Free

From inside the book:

“We talked about myelin. We talked about nerves. And you can use your imagination to go inside and see the nerve pathways. It’s not about being correct in how they work. Instead use your imagination. You can actually see-feel the pathways, and as you train you can use your visualization to “tell” your body to make that pathway stronger. I even put together a short hypnotic track called the Signal Speed Skill Supercharger to do exactly this, to be used after practicing.

It’s often said that the body cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is vividly imagined. That’s part of why placebos work so well and so often. So if you visualize more myelin being laid down in the pathways you want, I’d be willing to bet more of it actually is.

This is only available when you order Practicing Strength and Movement here on this website.

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In strength and skill,
Logan Christopher

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