Attention: Those who want Super Human Strength…

Forgotten and “Outside the Box” Forms of Training for Stronger Bones, Tendons, Ligaments, Joints, NOT Just Muscles

The True Secrets of Ultimate Strength, Known by Oldtime Strongmen, and NOT Your Average Gym-Goer or Personal Trainer

Strengthen Your StructureFrontIf you’re reading this you’re not an average person. You aren’t seeking to exercise just to lose weight and get in shape. Instead you probably want to have strength far above and beyond what most people have.

Why can I say that so confidently? Because I didn’t have any genetic gifts. Despite growing up as a scrawny and sickly kid I’ve gone on to achieve some amazing feats of strength.

And I didn’t get it through bodybuilding or the typical training you see most people do. I’ve studied the methods of the strongest people alive today and of years past and found what set them apart.

And that is what this course, Strengthen Your Structure, is about. You see, almost all strength training is focused on the muscles. But there’s something wrong with that if its done to the exclusion of the other components in your body. The muscles can grow in size and since that’s what most people want that’s what they focus on.

But if you want strength that’s just one piece of the puzzle, and not even the most important part…

One of the Keys to Super Strength is to Build Your Bones, Tendons and Ligaments, which is NOT done the Same as “Muscle Training”.

One thing that is mission critical to have is a strong structure. This is your foundation from which other strengths can be built. Your average training will give you a stronger structure than the average untrained person will have, but it will not bring it all that much higher.

In this course I identify Four Methods of Strengthening Your Structure.

After explaining how these work I give you tons of exercises you need to put them into action.

This course isn’t meant to be a complete training plan. Instead it is meant to be added on top of your other training and I show you how to do that. The great news is just a little bit of “Structure Training” can go a long way. And it can be done FAST.

Not only does it build your connective tissue strength but there are other benefits as well.

Hormonal Boost

Some of these exercises, because of the huge loads used, are likely to boost your hormones even better than the classic squat is said to do.

Studies have been done using compound exercises like squats and deadlifts showing them to boost hormone profiles.

Furthermore, if the intensity, or load has anything to do with it, “structure training” may stimulate even more! Your body can handle much more weight in a partial or support than in a full lift, therefore this may lead to even more hormonal increases.

Injury Proofing

When you only focus on the muscles this can lead to problems in those places you don’t focus on. Some of this training builds up your resistance to enormous loads. It’ll actually thicken your bones, which could be a huge help if you’re hit by a car, take a fall, or just want to avoid osteoporosis in old age.

The other connective tissue work helps to keep these areas strong and thus free from injury.

Lastly, some of the exercises take you into awkward positions under load. The more you can do this, in a safe manner, the more ready you’ll be when life takes you into similar positions. Your training will condition you to be ready for it.

What Made the Oldtime Strongmen so Strong?

Lots of people wonder about what is it that made the oldtime strongmen so strong. This course shows you one of the major pieces of the puzzle. Its through this type of training that I’ve been able to do the following:

  • Pulled a Fire Truck by My Hair
  • Rack Pulled Over 1000 lbs.
  • Over 1000 lbs Support in Wrestler’s Bridge
  • 175 lb. Bent Press
  • 135 lb. Turkish Getup with a Barbell
  • Tons of Strongmen Feats of Strength
  • And much more
Wrestlers Bridge Supporting Weight

Conventional training won’t allow to you support weight in a position most people think will break your neck off of bodyweight alone!

Different parts of this course cover different uses and I show you how similar effects can be obtained through a variety of training styles and implements.

So What’s in Strengthen Your Structure?

The 73 page manual covers:

  • The Four Types of Structure Training and the Benefits of Each
  • Why the Combination of Stability and Mobility is Key and How to Train Them
  • Nutritional Foods and Supplements to Support Your Connective Tissues and Bones
  • 3 Methods to Add Strengthen Your Structure to Your Current Routine
  • The One Piece of Support Gear to Use and Why You Should Avoid Everything Else
  • The 4 Main Types of Carrying Exercises
  • How to Make Carrying More Complex
  • The 3 Main Support Positions (and a handful of extra methods)
  • Building the Strongest Bridge Possible
  • 9 Plank Positions from the Easiest to Hardest
  • Bodyweight Exercises that Build Your Structure
  • Agility Under Load
  • 4 Unconventional Barbell Exercises that Turn it from Easy to Lift into Really Hard and How this Benefits You
  • The Forgotten Shoulder Strengthener and More than 6 Ways of Doing it
  • How to Instantly Increase Mental Toughness
  • Accelerating Length of Timed Holds with Hypnotic Commands
  • 18 Strengthen Your Structure Workouts
  • And more

As you can see I didn’t want to just focus on one form of training. I didn’t want to even make it limited to the equipment you have. Yes, for some of the best structure training you need certain tools, but not all of it. Inside you’ll find.

  1. Power Rack Training
  2. Barbell Exercises
  3. Bodyweight Exercises
  4. Kettlebells
  5. Dumbbells

Over 2 Hours of Video Showing You All of the Exercises in Action

When you get this course and dive into it you’ll learn about how to really make your foundational strength that much stronger. You won’t see this type of training in any commercial gym. Hell, you won’t even see it in Crossfit’s or most unconventional places either!

But if you want super strength, if you want strong bones and connective tissues, if you want to build an injury proof body, and if you want to breathe some new life into your training with fun, exciting exercises then Strengthen Your Structure if for you.

This was what I did to train to lift over 1000 lbs. You can do the same. And let me tell you it feels great to lift half a ton!

Strengthen Your StructureFront

Strengthen Your Structure
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Bonus: Secrets of the Health Lift (A $39.95 Value)

Are you familiar with the Health Lift? Most people are not. An important question to ask is why did this lift, of all of them, earn the right to be call THE Health Lift?

Essentially, it is a short range partial deadlift…kind of. There are some key differences between how it is done and the deadlift, so while it’s close, that isn’t exactly what it is.

This bonus PDF along with videos covers:

• What it is
• How it benefits the body
• Every tip and trick I have on doing it
• Important variations
• A couple different training plans

This was originally only to Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle Members, but now is available as a bonus to buyers of Strengthen Your Structure.

(Note that this bonus is exclusively digital, even if you order the physical course.)