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Maximize Your Manliness with the Most Comprehensive Program
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“I Feel Like I’m 18 Again…”

Dear Friend,

That’s a phrase I’ve heard more than once from people applying just a few of the tips and tactics I’ll be sharing with you about upgrading your testosterone. From guys in their 30’s up into their 60’s and even beyond.

Sadly, the truth is I don’t feel that way…I feel way better, and stronger hormonally, than when I was 18!

Due to genetics, poor nutrition of our parents, environmental factors, you might have been improperly setup for excellent testosterone production throughout your life, just like I was.

Its called Testosterone Insufficiency Syndrome.

But by applying these methods my testosterone (total and free) is stronger than its ever been before.

Yours can be too. Whether you’re starting off young or old, with excellent levels or poor, this will help you maximize your manliness.

It’s Really Not Your Fault…

Not only is age related decline a big issue, if you’re trying to have great health and vitality in older age…

Age Related Testosterone Decline

But that’s not all (and we’ll get to that rising SHBG later). Overall, EVERY MAN has less testosterone than men from the previous generations.

Decreasing Testosterone

You see this chart is from 10 years ago. Its even worse today!

The problem is our environment is overly estrogenic. Its literally taking away our manhood, causing us to become more feminine.And its not just that we lose our ability to be real men, this comes with a host of health problems.

  • Depression
  • Inability to Focus, Concentrate and Remember
  • Anxiety
  • Increased Fat especially in the Abdomen
  • Decreased Libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Reduced Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Balding
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dry Skin
  • Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke and Heart Attacks
  • Accelerated Aging
  • Aches and Pains
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Irritability or Anger
  • Fatigue

Basically without testosterone we’re F*CKED. But the good news is you can do something about it. In fact there are LOTS of things you can do.


testosterone 3d small

This isn’t about getting testosterone injected into your system from your doctor. Instead its a 100% natural approach. My newest book delves deep on everything you can do.

warningWARNING: This Stuff Can be Too Powerful

The woman walked by me in the aisle of the grocery store. Her tight pants and the nice curve of her ass caught my eye. Before I even knew what was happening I was following her…

A few seconds later my conscious mind kicked in. I am married after all, and I went back to shopping.

Studies have shown that men with higher testosterone levels are more likely to cheat. Just be warned, that your hormones may take over at times when they’re at these levels!

A Peak into the Very Nature of Testosterone Itself…

Coming from a low testosterone starting position, this has been an area I’ve been interested in. After all, you can’t become strong, which is quite literally my job in life, without having good testosterone.

I began working on this program I was reading book after book and pouring over the research.

One day I was walking through the forest as I meditated on testosterone itself.  I was struck…A huge epiphany…into the very nature of testosterone.

Nature works on a symbolic level. And here I could finally see the BIG PICTURE without getting lost in the scientific details, which are great, but they can also be blinding.

When you understand the symbology and the big picture it all becomes much easier to do.

  • Boost your Testosterone in a few minutes off of changes in Body Language
  • The Attitude of Testosterone
  • Sex, Athleticism and Money – Three Critical Areas of Life and How they’re Essentially the Same
  • Napoleon Hill on Sexual Transmutation
  • The Importance of the Balls!!!

The Complexity of Hormones

Although this program is called Upgrade Your Testosterone, that is just one of a symphony of hormones that must be optimized in order for you to get the benefits you want.

This chart, and hormones beyond it, will be explained in how everything works:


But have no fears. Although we delve deep into what these hormones are and how they interact, you don’t need to really understand this to get the benefit of the program. This is for those that want the science and the details, as it lays foundations for the actionable steps that come.

Two 100% Free Ways to Test Your Testosterone

…or What Wayne’s World taught me about Maximized Testosterone…

I’m all for getting your blood tested to see where you’re hormones are at. But this can be expensive and time consuming.

What if there was a simple way to know if your hormones are working?

There is. Actually I’ll be giving you not one, but TWO tests that can be done every single day but every man alive to give instant insight into how well their hormones are working.

The Multi-Prong Approch to Testosterone Optimization

You see, its not just about increasing testosterone. I wish it was that simple. But reflect back on that chart at the start, where with age testosterone fell. First of all, there’s a BIG difference between total testosterone and free testosterone. If one number is great but the other isn’t, you still won’t get the benefits.

Also in that chart is SHBG which is Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. The protein simply binds to your androgens, rendering them inert. Basically, if this rises too high all the testosterone in the world won’t do you any good!

And that’s just one thing we have to take care of.

Warning2Side Effects: Increased Sexual Activity

The Upgrade Your Testosterone program has a side effect of increased sexual activity.

One guy told me he had trouble sleeping and “had to take care of himself” in order to get some shut eye.

If your partner isn’t there for you when you’re ready you may need to do the same. Or else it could lead to frustration.

Your productivity may be impaired…

6 Steps to Battling Anti-Androgens

Most testosterone optimization approaches are too limited in scope. It might work for some, but not for others. That’s because there are a variety of factors that can throw a wrench in that plan.

SHBG is one. Aromatization is another. This is when the enzyme aromatase converts your testosterone into estrogen. For optimal health this must be limited.

Once we’ve taken care of the things that can STAND IN THE WAY of Testosterone, we can go the other direction.

6 More Steps to Increasing Testosterone and Its Allies

There are 3 Absolutely Critical nutrients that most people are not getting. Without these you CANNOT have good testosterone production.

Zinc is the most well know one, but most people aren’t nearly aware of the other two.

Plus just because you know about it doesn’t mean you’re getting the right amounts or the right kinds.

Then we go onto ways you can directly increase your testosterone as well as ramp up your body’s own production of it.

This Ad from a Physical Culture magazine of the 1930's clued me into a HUGE missing piece of the puzzle! You won't believe what it is...

This Ad from a Physical Culture magazine of the 1930’s clued me into a HUGE missing piece of the puzzle! You won’t believe what it is…

We even delve into the controversial DHT and whether it causes cancer or is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT than testosterone itself!

Just Imagine What OPTIMAL Testosterone Would Do For You…

Testosterone is known as the “Success Hormone.” Wouldn’t you like to have greater success?

How about a feeling of being in control, not just of your health but all of your life too?

When you’re levels are optimized you feel like you can “Take on the World.” What would you take on?

Even though I came from a bad start when it comes to testosterone, I know have a great handle on it, and you can too.

I’m happily married to a beautiful woman.

I own my own business and am a co-owner in another 7-figure business.

I am well-regarded as a strongman having accomplished amazing feats of strength and endurance.

I am the author of more books than I care to count.

Is this all because of testosterone? I won’t lie to you and say that it is…But it simply couldn’t be if higher than average levels of testosterone weren’t there.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others have said using just some of the information in this guide…

“I need to say that I am 52 years old and going to be 53 this year and am feeling like a 20 year old! I need to tell you that I have 7 children so over the years I have been very healthy. My last child was born in 2006 but then my wife at that time stopped having sex with me and I slowly developed ED! The saying is true when it comes to sex, “Use it or lose it! It got so bad that until I found you, I not only didn’t get erections anymore but didn’t even get horny! My libido went down to zero! 🙁 I tried practically everything under the sun from supplements to programs, eating healthy and exercising but nothing worked. I started seeing a holistic doctor back in the beginning part of 2013 and he did a hormone panel on me which showed my hormones were out of whack! I had very low testosterone levels among other things. There was no way I wanted to go the drug route with Viagra or hormone replacement therapy. He put me on a supplement and exercise program and I improved a little bit but the ED never left. I did however, with a healthy lifestyle get into good shape and pretty healthy, the one thing missing was the libido and the simple ability to get an erection and maintain one, something I took for granted just a few years ago!  I guess you could say I hit a plateau in my health journey but with this info, I am now overcoming that plateau!    Big time! Thank you very much! You are a blessing to many!”
– Eric O. from Hawaii

“I used to suffer from low testosterone levels even though I did exercise and eat enough macronutrients. My sex drive had plummeted, not even gym cats in yoga pants turned me on. There are much more things than macro- and micronutrients that matter and they are not always obvious. Little things add up  and go a long way more than you ever imagined! Nowadays I have much more energy for everything from work to sports and love. The better your testosterone levels are the easier and fulfilling it will be to go after what you want as a man. Logan teaches you how to gauge your testosterone level in a reliable way without spending a dime on doctors, too!
– Tomas Valverde from Finland

“Upgrade Your Testosterone is one of the best books available in the internet .. it comes as a boon in todays estrogen driven life style..Logan has tried to cover every possible angle by which u can upgrade your testosterone and your health in general..  ..if u follow his advice i bet u will lead a much much healthier T level has gone up from 387ng/dL to 586ng/dL in just one month. Of course the credit also goes to the herbs which i regularly buy from Lost Empire Herbs.. i wish he keeps on upgrading it as newer info is available..after reading this book i have started to make a lot of changes in my life style which otherwise we just give a i think before i do anything.. be it eating working out or sleeping.. thanks for making a positive impact on my life.. keep up the good work and may the almighty bless you.”
– Mohammed R.

“My initial thought was to not order the book fact being I don’t care for e-books and what I thought I knew about testosterone already. After reading the material in the book I found out how uneducated I am on the subject of testosterone. I was not aware of how lack of testosterone affected so many areas inside the body and am truly glad to have this information.”
– Kerry V. of Illinois

“I liked the book and found it helpful. Your energetic explanation of testosterone and the energetic testosterone exercises were very unique and a good addition. Your nutrient breakdown was also great. I found your low volume concept to be quite helpful and have incorporated it into how I do things.”
– Ramon C. of New Mexico

“As someone who first introduced me to pine pollen well over a decade ago, back when hardly anyone knew about the testosterone benefits, when Logan came out with Upgrade Your Testosterone, I knew I had to invest in it immediately. Because we live in an estrogenic world constantly assaulting our male hormones, I have read many, many books, and articles on how to boost your T. This book stands alone. The great thing about Logans book is that it hits the perfect balance, covering foods, herbs & supplements as well as mindset, exercise, and even esoteric energy practices I haven’t seen before. There is a whole section in there about your balls and T, and some techniques that I have never heard about, anywhere else. These alone are worth the price of admission for the book. At 43 I have more drive and ambition than I did in my overstressed and low T 30’s – completely naturally. I am putting more muscle on, losing more fat, and most importantly, have that internal fire burning to get shit done. I highly recommend pairing this book with the various male health herbs on Lost Empire Herbs as well.”
– Theo Lucier, Avid Health Researcher & Owner, Forgotten Health

There’s another popular testosterone program on the market that goes for $97. I checked out and its not nearly as comprehensive as what you’ll be getting in Upgrade Your Testosterone.

Right now I’m making Upgrade Your Testosterone available at a very affordable price.

But this price will be increasing in the future so pick up your copy today.

As soon as you order, you’ll get an email to download your copy so you can get started today. Or grab the physical book which will be shipped to your door.

testosterone 3d smallUpgrade Your Testosterone Downloadable eBook
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Upgrade Your Testosterone Physical Book
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100% 3-month Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t feel like this is worth every penny you can get a full refund no questions asked. Just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. All the risk is on us as you can download it right away and take three months to decide if it’s worth it to you. With the physical version we’ll just ask that you send it back in.

Bonus #1: Lifetime Upgrades!

I am always studying, always investigating, always experimenting to find even better ways to improve my health. Its no different with testosterone and the other hormones.

So when I come upon new information that works in this regard I’ll be updating Upgrade Your Testosterone. When I do I’ll be sending out a new copy to everyone that has bought, and you won’t have to pay another cent for it.

And then when I update it again in the future after that I’ll send you that new copy and on and on it goes…

Your Lifetime Upgrades comes FREE as a special bonus when you order today.

TBoostingWorkoutsReportSmallBonus #2: T-Boosting Workouts

The right forms of training are one of the biggest and best methods of keeping your testosterone optimized.

The sad fact is that most people are doing the wrong kind of workouts, that jack up cortisol, and cause testosterone to go down.

  • This include the Three Main Principles of Training to Increase Testosterone
  • The 8 Things to Avoid
  • How to Feel Your Testosterone Flowing
  • The 9 Best Exercises
  • 10 Workout Plans to Choose From
  • 13 Scientific Studies on Testosterone and Workouts and What You Can Learn From Them
  • And More

testosterone jumpstart 3dBonus #3: 5-Step Testosterone Jump Start

Want near IMMEDIATE results? Then check out the Testosterone Jump Start bonus.
Higher testosterone levels enforce higher levels.
And lower testosterone levels keep you stuck in lower levels.
These 5 simple steps will quickly flip you into the better side of that equation.
And they take virtually no time to do on a daily basis…

Bonus #4: The Testosterone Action Plan and Checklist


In about 100 pages of no-fluff text there’s a ton to take in. And I know that not everyone that gets this program will read every word. In this day and age we’re all busy.

So I’ve distilled everything down to a single checklist broken up into six sections. Simply apply the steps, check the box, and you’re on your way to better testosterone.

This might be the MOST important part of this book! Its that simple.

All of these are Downloadable PDF which come via email instantly.

So pick up Upgrade Your Testosterone today, along with your bonus Lifetime Upgrades, T-Boosting Workouts and Testosterone Action Plan and Checklist.

This is a limited time offer at this price so act today.

In strength (and high T!),
Logan Christopher

P.S. Warning! Testosterone is an important part of your life whether you want it to be or not. While the focus here is on testosterone its really about TOTAL Health and Vitality. So what are you waiting for?


Upgrade Your Testosterone Downloadable eBook
Only $39.95


Upgrade Your Testosterone Physical Book
Only $49 + S/H

Note that the T-Boosting Workouts, the Jump Start and Action Plan and Checklist all come inside the book in the physical version. You’ll receive future updates as digital downloads or can pay the cost for new versions of the book. 

100% 3-month Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t feel like this is worth every penny you can get a full refund no questions asked. Just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. All the risk is on us as you can download it right away and take three months to decide if it’s worth it to you. With the physical version we’ll just ask that you send it back in.

About the Upgrade Your Health Series

The Upgrade Your Health Series is about diving deep onto one topic of health and nutrition and detailing the best ideas on how to UPGRADE that area for you. Its not really about whether you’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing. More often than not its not black and white.

Instead, starting from where you’re at, whether super healthy already or not, you can make a series of steps and practices that will move you in the right direction step by step. By doing so your health gets better and better all the time.

With each Upgrade Your Health guide we dive deep into research and all the components of the topic at hand. This is more detail concentrated in one place than you’ll find just about anywhere else. And then we wrap it up with an simple to use ACTION PLAN for you to follow. Whether you make one change or ten this will help you optimize this single area of health for the better.