Learn Dozens of Kettlebell Exercises, Both Beginning, and Advanced… See the Most Common Errors Made by Students in Training… and Discover Kettlebell Workouts That Will Toughen Your Body, Develop Superhuman Conditioning and Stamina, and Give You a Lean and Chiseled Physique!

Dear friend –

Forest Vance and Logan Christopher here. We’re two of Northern California’s top kettlebell training experts.

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II and Logan Christopher

Once a Russian training secret, kettlebell training has now invaded the west. It’s gained immense popularity in the last ten years, and rightly so.

KB’s are one of the most powerful tools in existence for:

  • Building a lean and rugged physique
  • Earning crazy conditioning levels
  • Gaining true, “real-world” fitness
  • …and so much more!

BUT – on the flip side, learning how to PROPERLY train with kettlebells can be tricky. There are a lot of moving parts to an exercise like the swing … which means WAY more carry-over to athletic movements, fat-burning potential, etc. than many forms of traditional weight lifting … but, unfortunately, also more risk for bad form and injury.

Bottom line, you want to learn all about how to train yourself – and possibly others – with kettlebells. And so whether you’re an athlete or a coach, we’ve got the perfect program for you …

Now introducing …

The Beginner and Next Level Kettlebell Workshop Videos
from Forest Vance and Logan Christopher

2 Hours and 39 Minutes Long!

In the “Basics” program, you’ll learn:

Basic Joint Mobility

Logan runs you through a quick warmup to prime you for the kettlebell work ahead.

In this section you’ll also learn a few tips to open up your squat.

The Kettlebell Swing

Learn exactly how to do the kettlebell swing, the RIGHT way.

This move is awesome and brings so many amazing benefits with it. But it’s also very tricky to master, and quite often performed incorrectly. We break down in all the detail you’ll ever need, along with coaching drills and much more to re-enforce what you’ve learned, exactly how to perform the KB swing. It’ll be like sitting on a fly on the wall at our workshop!! Check out this short clip from this portion

The Turkish Get Up

You’ll learn how to perform this awesome exercise. Improve your shoulder strength and mobility, hip strength and mobility, and so much more …

The Clean and Press

Think this one is simple? Think again. Get the ins and outs of the the clean and press … learn how to keep the ‘bell from smashing your forearm and how to get the most power out of your military press.

How to Incorporate these Movements into Functional Workouts

You won’t just learn the exercises by themselves, with no instruction on how to apply them. No – we’ll show you exactly how you can take these moves and use them in short and incredibly efficient workouts!!

2 Hours and 29 Minutes Long!

In the “advanced” program, you’ll learn:

Kettlebell Snatch

How to perform the HardStyle version perfectly, as well as how to do more advanced versions as well.

Learn what is different in the Girevoy style. Plus discover the technique Logan used do 301  snatches in 10 minutes, and how you can train for this and do the same!

Advanced Pressing Variations

You have the standard kettlebell military press down. So what now? We’ll show you how to do the following all with a single kettlebell:

  • Push Press
  • Side Press
  • Jerk
  • Upper Body Push Press
  • Rotational Press
  • Bottoms Up Press
  • And More …

Here’s the Rotational Press to give you a sneak peak.

The Windmill

A little-known movement that will help you unlock your hips and get your core muscles crazy strong at the same time. Learn single and double kettlebell variations, how to increase your hip and hamstring flexibility and much more.

Kettlebell Juggling

This sounds crazy – and it IS ? – but Logan is one of the top kettlebell jugglers in the US, and he will show you how you can incorporate this technique into your training for added fun and great cardio conditioning! Learn:

  • The Basic Two Hands Flip
  • One Hand Flips
  • Reverse Flips
  • Helicopters
  • Side to Side
  • And More

There are tons of tips you won’t find elsewhere inside this volume, like little-known techniques from Girevoy Sport style to go longer and further with less effort.

Take a Look at What Some of Our Happy Workshop Attendees Had to Say:

“I loved this workshop because it was fun and realistic. Even though many moves were more advanced, the progressions, teaching style, time allocated and tips were super helpful and fun. Because of the training today I was able to be not so afraid of snatches and windmills. I learned the benefits of kettlebell conditioning and why the key moves should be done the way they were taught.”
Denise R.
“I love this workshop because I needed to break my form down to perfect my swing and snatch. I also needed to be able to tell clients what they are doing wrong when their back hurts or their knees. Because of the training I was able to perform a much better snatch.”
Viki C.
“I loved this workshop because Logan and Forest make a great team. Logan’s enthusiasm for kettlebells is great and contagious. Because of the training I can go home with ammunition to take my kettlebell training to the next level while having confidence in my form for more advanced kettlebell moves like windmills and snatches.
“I loved this workshop because it was unique and exciting to see the technique variations. I love kettlebells so this just adds fuel to the kettlebell fire so to speak. I can’t wait to try the juggling at home. Because of the training I was able to increase my endurance with a heavier bell doing snatches. Plus the many new techniques for snatches helps me as we increased the number and duration of snatches.”
Susan G.
“I loved this workshop because the trainers were very patient with a beginner and good at explaining technique. Because of the training today I was able to learn a few new ways to gain strength.”
Nick Z.
“I loved this workshop because there was a lot of hands on time to practice. I learned a few new ways to snatch and understand better some of the other movement patterns I’ve seen done that I once thought were incorrect.”
Sarai J.
“I loved this workshop because it covered the basics and focused on good form and safety. I was able to improve my form and create an outline for a basic kettlebell workout.”
Sara F.

So – you only stand to gain when you sign up now. It’s easy– just click the add to cart button for the version you want, you’ll be taken to a checkout page and get access to this awesome new program!

There ’s a couple of options available to you, to get the Beginner + Next Level bundle in either digital access or the real DVD’s.

        The Complete Kettlebell                         Training Workshop  

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Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance and Logan Christopher

P.S. This is your chance to see the complete video from this once in a lifetime workshop. You missed the live event but you can be like a fly on the wall getting all the training information for a fraction of the price.

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