Imagine Running Circles Around People Half Your Age…
with the Secrets of Never Quit Conditioning

UltimateGuideBWConditioningDear Friend,

The first four books in the Ultimate Bodyweight Training series were all about building strength, just using your own bodyweight. Now we turn our sights on conditioning. And once again you can use just your bodyweight to become a Conditioning Machine.

The sad fact is that most people do it wrong (like just running long distances).

Arggghhhh! That frustrates me.

In high school I played football but was never very good. I wasn’t big. Nor was I fast or enduring. In our conditioning workouts I tended to be finishing near the end.

Contrast that to now. As a tradition I usually play football with friends every Thanksgiving. One year after playing for about two or three hours everyone was ready to call it quits. They were tired. Truthfully, I wasn’t tired. So I decided to run a few hill sprints right afterwards to get my workout in for the day.

Just imagine if you could run circles around the people around you, literally and figuratively. Imagine being able to keep up with kids and adults half your age. If you’re willing to put in the work YOU CAN. This new book will show you how…

It starts off by dispelling the myths of “Cardio” exercise and how there are much better options. If you believe the “conventional wisdom” you will never have great endurance.

From there we dive into…

7 Principles of Never Quit Conditioning

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn in this section.

  • The Human Body’s Different Energy Pathways and How to Train Them
  • If You’re Going to do Just One Kind of Conditioning, Do THIS Kind….
  • The Common Mistake of Doing Strength Work and Endurance Work. How Continuum Thinking Will Make You a Better All Around Athlete
  • Why Strength is So Important for Conditioning
  • Want to Get Out of Breath FAST, Maximize Your Use of Principle #3
  • The Movement Efficiency Trap Many People Fall Into…And How to Avoid It
  • Mouth vs. Nose Breathing and When To Use What
  • The Importance of Rhythmic Breathing
  • Why Gassing Yourself is NOT the Best Way to Build Endurance
  • How You Can Stay Fresh and Fast and Make Quicker Progress
  • 5 Methods of Progression
  • How to Spot Your Weaknesses
  • And More

The Three Conditioning Sets and Four Training Styles

Here you’ll begin to see how the principles are put into action.

  1. Explosive Sprint Sets
  2. Short Intense Sets
  3. Long Sets

The great news about all the information so far is that it applies to any form of conditioning not just bodyweight. Use it for everything!

  1. Intervals
  2. Loose Intervals
  3. Circuits
  4. Non-Stop (plus the John Brookfield Secret to Endurance)

Beginner to Advanced Bodyweight Conditioning Exercises

A wide variety of exercises and variations are covered. Each is taught with progressions in mind so you can make the most from your training.

  • Squats
  • Jumps
  • Jump Rope
  • Burpees
  • Hill Sprints
  • Other Running
  • Circuit Training


What Will You Do With Your New-Found Endurance?

When you put these exercises into action you will get better conditioned. There is no doubt about it. Other people just won’t be able to keep up. All you have to do is follow the game plan as its laid out.

With 55 pages of bodyweight conditioning information, filled with many pictures this really is the Ultimate Guide. Approximately 26 exercises and variations are discussed in depth. Several workouts and training plans are given to help you achieve your goals. And you get it all for just $24.95 or even less for the eBook version. 

You get the jam-packed book that covers all the positions, exercises, methods of progression,  training plans and much more.

This is the course I wish I had when I got started. But it didn’t exist so I had to find all the answers through trial and error and from many other sources. You have the luxury of getting it all in just one place.

Isn’t it time you used this ultimate exercise to achieve dramatic strength gains?


The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Conditioning
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Bonus! 100 Burpee Challenge PDF

Burpees…They’re a pretty much universally hated exercise because they’re tough.

You’ll find them in many CrossFit workouts, as well as other group training classes. They’re a no-equipment way, low impact way to jack up the heart rate and build conditioning.

So, I issue this challenge to you.

100 regular burpees in a single, unbroken set!

But as with all things it must be done progressively.

Discover the deep-dive details on moving through these progressions to take the ideas in the main course even further. Take on the challenge.

That’s all covered in this bonus issue originally only available for up to $39.95 per month Inner Circle members. You get it free with your purchase today.

Bonus! The Magic One Mile Run PDF

Running isn’t bad, in fact, it is great. That being said, it is also overrated.

I may have been overly critical of runners, especially marathoners, over the years. But the reason for this is that running still holds the dominant position in the average person’s mind for being the epitome of fitness. My opinion is that it does not deserve to be.

Running hadn’t been a part of my training for a long time. When it was, and this was years ago, it was typically in the form of hill sprints. Those are still one of my favorite exercises, though I’m sad to say I haven’t engaged in them in some time.

This bonus issue discusses not just running, but ways to progress with it in technique and form that are not often talked about. Such as…

Try running a mile…while only breathing in and out of your nose.

This and much more on running in this bonus issue originally only available for up to $39.95 per month Inner Circle members. You get it free with your purchase today.

Both of these bonuses include video material too.

I wish you the best success and nothing less.

In strength,
Logan Christopher
Logan Christopher

P.S. Don’t forget you’re backed by a 60 Day guarantee. Get results or get your money back.