Develop Rock Hard Abs That Are Even Stronger Than They Look!

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If you want to be strong you must have a well developed core. This is much more than just the abs, but the obliques, lower back, and even the whole torso. If your body can’t work as one unit you are weak.

If you’re doing crunches to develop your abs, I’m sorry but you’re wasting your time! Get truly strong abs, that will also look great, when you do real bodyweight “Strength” exercises.

This book covers two main exercises which are equally powerful in giving you the strength you desire.

Master the Ab Wheel Rollout

And I’m not just talking about kipping pullups. As far as I’m concerned being capable of doing at least one pullup or chin-up is a life skill (this applies to men and women of all ages). You probably won’t ever need it to save your life but what if you do?!?

Ab Wheel Rollout to Measurement

You’ll learn not just one proven path but multiple to achieve this goal.

  • Different Devices – The Ab Wheel, The Power Wheel, Ab Rollers and More. What is the best option?
  • A Study that Proved the Very Best Ab Exercise!
  • Basic Bodyweight Ab Planks and More to Start With
  • How to Get Started with Knee Rollouts
  • Alternative Options if You Don’t Have an Ab Wheel
  • Two Easy to Build Devices that Get You From Kneeling to Standing Rollouts
  • The Method I’m Using that is Getting Me Closer than Ever to the Standing Rollout (at 6’2″ it’s eluding me for some time but I’m closing in using this ONE Exercise)
  • Where to Go Beyond the Full Rollout
  • Additional Exercises You Can Do with the Power Wheel

Master Hanging Knee and Leg Raises

My second favorite exercise after the ab wheel rollout is the hanging leg raise. This section is all about taking this move, which requires stability and flexibility at the same time, as far as you can take it.

  • Leg Raise 135Building the Required Grip Strength
  • How to do Hanging Knee Raises
  • How to do Hanging Leg Raises
  • The Four Levels to Use for Progression
  • How to Get Started Towards the Front Lever
  • Explosive or Strict? The Advantages and Drawbacks of Each
  • Building Dynamic Flexibility
  • Targeting the Obliques with These Two Variations
  • The Ultimate Hanging Leg Raise Exercise

What Will You Do With Your New-Found Strength?

When you put these exercises into action you will get stronger. There is no doubt about it. All you have to do is follow the game plan as its laid out. And when you’ve mastered these two exercises with a tiny bit of practice you’ll be capable of doing levers, dragon flags, human flags, v-sits and moe.

With 61 pages of ab training information, filled with tons of pictures this really is the Ultimate Guide. And you get it all for just $24.95 or even less for the eBook version.

You get the jam-packed book that covers all the positions, exercises, methods of progression,  training plans and much more.

This is the course I wish I had when I got started. But it didn’t exist so I had to find all the answers through trial and error and from many other sources. You have the luxury of getting it all in just one place.

Isn’t it time you used this ultimate exercise to achieve dramatic strength gains?

Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises

The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises
Only $24.95 + S/H

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Bonus! N-sits, L-sits, and V-sits PDF and Videos ($39.95 Value)

The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises covers two of the best ab exercises, hanging leg raises and ab wheel rollouts. Here a third series is added.

However, they take equipment.

So the ab sit series actually takes zero equipment. You need your body and the floor. That’s it! And those are always available.

The progressions for the ab sits are much like the hanging leg raises, but with some key differences. So in this issue, all of it is laid out. From the very beginner basics, up to advanced level gymnast status.

It can be boiled down to five main progressions.

1 – N Sit
2 – One Leg L Sit
3 – L Sit
4 – V Sit
5 – Increasing angle of V Sit

This bonus also covers some of the preliminaries you may need before even getting to the N Sit.

It’s all about progression and when you understand that you see its very much the same for beginners to advanced training.

This bonus comes with videos too.

That’s all covered in this bonus issue originally only available for up to $39.95 per month Inner Circle members. You get it free with your purchase today.

I wish you the best success and nothing less.

In strength,
Logan Christopher
Logan Christopher

P.S. Don’t forget you’re backed by a 2-month guarantee. Get results or get your money back.

P.P.S. If you want to be stronger in any other exercise, building your ab and core strength will help! Master these three exercises for all the bodyweight strength you could possibly need!