You Spend Approximately 1/3rd of Your Life Sleeping…
Isn’t it Worth Upgrading this FOUNDATION of Health
for Better Health, Thinking, Energy and Productivity?

sleep 3d smallThis is one of the most FOUNDATIONAL components to your health. Everyone knows they should be getting enough sleep…but the truth is the QUALITY of your sleep is even more important.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn inside:

  • How Sleep Affects Your Hormones (Ghrelin, Leptin, Insulin, Growth Hormone, Melatonin, Prolactin, Testosterone and More!)
  • Why Sleep is an Important Factor in Losing Weight…and Keeping it Off
  • 8 Hours of Sleep…or Should it be Less…or More…The Answers Might Surprise You.
  • Are You an Athlete? Check out these Results…
  • How the Circadian Rhythm Really Works
  • How Light Regulates Melatonin and Sleep and What to Do to Optimize It
  • Biphasic and Segmented Sleep Patterns
  • How Different Hours of Sleep Affect You Differently and What Repairs When
  • The Ancient Science of Life, Ayurveda and Sleep
  • The Brain Cycles and Stages of Sleep
  • How to Achieve More DEEP Sleep
  • The Art of Napping
  • How What You Eat Affects Sleep
  • 7 Supplements and Their Effects on Sleep
  • 8 Herbs and Their Effects on Sleep
  • Hot or Cold? Find out How Temperature Alters Your Sleep
  • Optimize Your Sleep through Anchoring
  • How to Use Progressive Relaxation to Fall Asleep…Even on Sleepless Nights
  • Are You Destroying Your Health when You Sleep by Doing This? Find Out the Easy Solution…
  • Research Backed Simple Sleep Solution that Normalizes Hormones, Lowers Inflammation and Makes it Easier to Rest Easy.
  • What’s the Best Sleep Position?
  • How to Best Use Pillows
  • Upgrade Your Bedding to Upgrade Your Health
  • Sleep Technology and Sleep Apps – What is Worth Using?

Plus The 10 Basics Action Plan and the 13 Advanced Optimizing Steps that takes this report from 28 jam packed pages into usable information to change your sleep TONIGHT.

The regular price for Upgrade Your Sleep, Upgrade Your Health is $29.95. But if you act today you can get it for just $9.

While we get wrapped up in the latest diet or supplement, we often forget the FOUNDATIONS of health.

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About the Upgrade Your Health Series

The Upgrade Your Health Series is about diving deep onto one topic of health and nutrition and detailing the best ideas on how to UPGRADE that area for you. Its not really about whether you’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing. More often than not its not black and white.

Instead, starting from where you’re at, whether super healthy already or not, you can make a series of steps and practices that will move you in the right direction step by step. By doing so your health gets better and better all the time.

With each Upgrade Your Health guide we dive deep into research and all the components of the topic at hand. This is more detail concentrated in one place than you’ll find just about anywhere else. And then we wrap it up with an simple to use ACTION PLAN for you to follow. Whether you make one change or ten this will help you optimize this single area of health for the better.