Want live in person training?

Here are the dates and details of upcoming workshops. Check back regularly for more to be posted.

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Logan Christopher is available for workshops and speaking engagements in 2015 on a limited basis. Please send email to [email protected] for more details if you’d like him to present or host a workshop.

2015 Schedule

Dragondoor’s Health and Strength Conference
August 15th and 16th in Minneapolis, MN

I’ll be speaking about the mental training techniques soon to be revealed in my book Mental Muscle, scheduled to be released from Dragondoor in a few months.

I’m just one of an all-star lineup including Zach Even-Esh, Marty Gallagher, Max Shank, Jon Bruney, Mike Gillette, Al and Danny Kavadlo, Phil Ross, Andrea Du Cane, Dr. Chris Hardy, Josh Henkin and Rolando Garcia III.


2014 Schedule

Mind Muscle Flow Acceleration Live Training
Sept. 19-21st in San Diego, California

Full weekend of working with your mental programming and achieving a replicable flow state to help you achieve your goals and new personal records. Small unique event with information and experiences you won’t get anywhere else.

2013 Schedule

August 23rd – 25th in St. Paul, Minnesota
Progressive Calisthenics Certification

I will be attending this bodyweight exercises certification put on by Dragondoor. Let me know if you’re going too. And signup through this link to receive a special bonus from me. Just email me your receipt and I’ll hook you up.


Sunday, June 23rd in San Diego, California
No B.S. Strength Secrets Workshop with Travis Steotzel and Tyler Bramlett

A one day event covering all manners of kettlebell and bodyweight training to become super strong, conditioning, flexible and skilled with other badass instructors.

Saturday, June 15th in Sacramento, California
Beginner and Advanced Kettlebell Workshop with Forest Vance

Come do a beginners workshop or advanced or do both. My first kettlebell workshop in a long time.

January 4th-6th in Tallahassee, Florida
Super Human Training Workshop #3

A meeting of some of the strongest people in the world. Check it out to see all out Super Human presenters. Hurry and claim your early bird spot!

2012 Schedule

October 19th-21st
Wizards of Strength Workshop

Join me, Bud Jeffries, Garin Bader and Chuck Halbakken for this truly unique event where we give you the greatest mental and physical performance tools and methods to increase your strength and fitness “like magic”.

June 22nd
Ninja Bodyweight Workshop

One day workshop where we go deep into bodyweight training. Limited spaces and an incredible deal.

March 23rd – 25th
Super Human Training Workshop 2

Teaming up with Bud Jeffries once again for our second Super Human Training Workshop. Also featuring Ryan Pitts of Strongergrip and other guest presenters. A never-seen-before mix of super strength, incredible conditioning and mental training that can only be gotten here. DVD’s available soon.