32kg Kettlebell Press x 20 Reps

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The following shows a recent PR of mine. Pressing a 32kg or 70lb kettlebell for 20 reps on my left, or weaker, side.

These are not the strictest presses on purpose. They involve both some side action as well as what I like to call upper body push press. Again, that is all done on purpose.

This is just one of many recent PR’s in my progress on the Beast Tamer Challenge, which involves pressing the Beast (48kg or 106lb) kettlebell a single time.

I find that low and high reps mixed is a good way for me to make progress.

The Beast Tamer Challenge is my new obsession as detailed out in How to Become Addictively Obsessed on Your Health and Fitness with Laser Focus, which is part of the new Vital Force Guild. 

Vital Force Guild

I remember many years ago when I first got into kettlebells. Pressing the 70lb kettlebell was beyond my strength at that time. Nice to have it essentially as a play thing now!


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