Due to my body type and the length of my limbs I am not best suited for barbell squats. With a long torso I have to lean quite a bit. I still do them but not as much as I use the trap bar.

The conventional deadlift with a barbell is great too. And I still mix that in here and there but I feel the trap bar is the best option.

The Trap Bar

The Trap Bar

The trap bar with its design centers the weight in line with your body. Unlike in a deadlift with the barbell, you are no longer pulled forward even if just slightly by the weight. This allows as smoother motion which is far less likely to injure your back. Doing deadlifts properly is safe, but I have in the pass ended up hurting my back doing so. I have never hurt myself with the trap bar even when my form wasn’t so great.

Depending how you squat or bend you can do the move more like a squat or more like a deadlift. In addition you can do other exercises as well. Nothing is better for shrugs. Some people even like to do presses with the trap bar although I have never tried.

But even if I just used it for the trap bar deadlift I would be happy with this piece of equipment. It has all the benefits of a barbell while being even better suited for a few select movements.

You may be able to find this piece of equipment in you local sporting goods store. If not you can check out John Wood’s website and order one there.

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